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Application to join LCOOL & LCOOL Discussion Forums


The LCOOL Forums are open to owners and drivers of Toyota 80, 100, 200, 70 Series Land Cruisers and 150, 120 and 90 Series Prado and FJ Cruiser vehicles. Members can openly and freely discuss aspects of their vehicles, 4WDing in general, camping, trips etc. without having to deal with irrelevant topics as found in more general 4WD forums.

The LCOOL forums are available and viewable to LCOOL members only - in a mature, polite and easy going environment. The member list will not be made available to outsiders.

Most importantly, LCOOL members are real people and we all converse with each other using our real names. We each have our preferred username that is used to log into the forum but we always sign off with our real names.

If you would like to join our active forum, simply fill out the following form (Please ensure that each field is filled out).

  1. This form will automatically send your LCOOL group application message to the group's caretaker
  2. You will then be presented with a special activation code web page to then go to the LCOOL forum registration page.
  3. Complete the forum registration
  4. An email will be sent to you immediately with relevant information - if you do not receive it then please check that you did not make a spelling mistake on your forum application.
  5. The LCOOL caretaker will consider and approve your application

Once this process is complete (usually within 24 hours), you will be entitled to participate in the LCOOL forums, attend LCOOL trips and events and basically have a lot of fun with a bunch of people from around the world (who are also passionate about our LandCruisers).


Last Name (Surname):
First Name:
Your preferred Forum Username:
Email: Pls make sure it's correct!

How young is your LandCruiser?

Vehicle Details (Factory Options):




Personal (hobbies, age etc. whatever):


How did you learn about this group?: