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A nice fire going




The Group

One nights supply of firewood!



The White whale showing Hans how to do it...locked up with BFG MT's!!

This was a fairly steep hill, on clay with some decent washout steps in it.

Mudder Hill
Mudder Hill....since the last visit has washed out some more, and was unachievable with FR lockers & MT's...probably needed 35's & 2" body lift.

Mudder Hill---1
James & Tracey going for it. The last step was probably 2-3" too high for the Silver Slug (1HDT), which has ARB locker FR, BFG AT 285/75's and OME 850/ 863's

Mudder Hill---2
Enough was enough...after 4 attempts the batons was passed to the White Whale who also failed to negotiate the climb. Other used prudence and chickened out

Rats Castle
The Methane Express (aka the Blue Whale) - Craig H's 1HZ GXL crossing the rocks at the Rats Castle.