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5 Speed Auto Fluid Level

Those of us who are fortunate enough to own a Cruiser fitted with the A750E/F 5 Speed Automatic Transmission may have noticed that the auto fluid dip stick is missing. This transmission has joined the growing trend by manufacturers to remove oil level dipsticks and while there are some benefits for the manufacturers and for reliability, there is no doubt that it makes the task of checking fluid level more difficult. The transmission is 'sealed for life' and does not normally need fluid checking or changing unless there is a leak or some other problem. If fluid does need to be added, because of repairs carried out, it is important that the right fluid is added in the correct way.

The fluid must be added through the 'Refill Plug' that on the side of the transmission. The level is correct when oil comes out the 'Overflow Plug' when the oil is between 46° C and 56° C.

Checking Procedure

Start the engine and let it idle and then move the shift level through the complete range of gears to circulate the fluid. To check the fluid temperature, join pins 4 and 13 in the DLC (Diagnostic Link Connector) with a suitable wire. Then move the shift lever between N and D for six seconds every one and a half seconds. The A/T oil temp light in the cluster will come on for two seconds to indicate the vehicle is in fluid detection mode. Keep the engine idling until the fluid reaches 46° C, at which point the A/T oil temp light will turn on. If the temperature exceeds 56° C the light will blink, in that case switch the engine off and allow to cool before proceeding.

With the engine idling, at me correct temperature, remove the overflow plug and ensure that fluid comes out. When the fluid flow slows to a trickle refit the plug and remove the wire from the DLC. If no fluid comes out, refit the overflow plug, stop the engine and add half a litre of fluid before checking again. When adding fluid do not insert the fill nozzle more that 30 mm into the transmission to avoid causing transmission damage.

Ensure that if the fill plug is marked WS (World Standard) you only add WS Toyota fluid and not Type IV that was used in earlier transmissions. WS is a unique 'reduced viscosity' synthetic oil for these transmissions.