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Diesel Engine Running Out of Fuel

The injector pumps in the diesel 100 Series rely on a fresh supply of diesel fuel not only in order to run the engine, but to lubricate and cool the injector pump itself. The pump lifts a great deal of fuel from the tank and uses some to inject into the engine and the rest to lubricate and cool - returning this portion back to the tank.

When the fuel tank is empty, the pump starves for fuel and the engine will run roughly and eventually stop (usually with a puff of light blue smoke through engine oil ingestion and cold firing). This in itself may seem to be of little consequence however the additional wear and tear on the injector pump internal mechanisms is significant. In addition, there is a good likelihood that foreign particles that had previously settled in the bottom of the tank will be sucked up into the fuel filter.

Invariably this happens when you are travelling at speed in your Cruiser. Otherwise you will notice a lowering of the engine idle speed and momentary hesitation if not at speed. As soon as you notice this, you should stop the engine as soon as it is safe to do so. Switch tanks and repeatedly depress the pump primer (black disc on top of the fuel filter body adaptor) until resistance is felt. The fuel system will then be primed and ready to restart the engine.

Do not under any circumstances flick to the sub tank and continue to coast the diesel Cruiser turning the engine in order to lift fuel from the sub tank. This may take in excess of ten seconds - with the pump essentially running hot and with little or no lubrication. This is the point at which significant injector pump wear will occur.