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Under Bonnet Compressor Mount

Max Air (Or Similar) Air Compressor and Bracket Install under the Bonnet of the 120 Petrol Prado.

These instructions are overview of how to install Air-Compressor bracket under the bonnet of the Petrol Prado.  They generally only relate to the installation of a Max Air Compressor but could be used for most other compressors that are of a similar size.

Please read all the notes before proceeding.

A whole setup should take about 3-4 hours if you are doing it first time.  Only standard tools are required for successful installation.

Step 1. (Optional but highly recommended) – Disconnect the battery power. Disconnect both batteries if you have a dual battery setup.

Step 2. The carbon canister needs to be moved about 5 centimetres forward in order for
Air compressor to fit under the bonnet.  See the photo below if you are unsure where the Carbon Canister is.

a.)    Remove the canister by pulling it upwards.  There is no need to remove any hoses.

b.)    Rest the canister on the fuse box until it is to be reinstalled later.

c.)    Unscrew the canister bracket and remove it from the car.

d.)    The bracket has a locating pin on the left-hand side, this pin is required to be straightened out by gently hitting it with a hammer.

e.)    The hole adjacent to the locating pin is to be redrilled to the size of the hole of the right-side of the bracket.  See the picture below.

 f.)    Screw the canister bracket and extension bracket together as per the picture below.

g.)    Screw the bracket back into the car using the two newly created holes.

h.)    Put the carbon canister back in place and check that it sits properly.

Step 3. Try to fit the air compressor bracket on its own to make sure it fits and there is nothing in a way.  The connection to the mounting point on the fire wall requires that the existing bracket is undone.  The air compressor bracket is placed on first followed by the bracket for the hose.  There shouldn’t be anything else in the way as far as the factory setup goes.  The next 4 photos show the 4 mounting points.


Once you are satisfied that there are no obstructions, screw the air compressor to the bracket.  Once the air compressor is firmly attached to the bracket then install and tighten the 4 bolts.  The finished installation should look like below.

Step 4. The power cables for the Air-Compressor need to be connected to the battery.  This can be done either directly or through a relay.

Step 5 (Optional) That is about it and all should be setup now.  The only Step that could be done is to get the longer air-hose to be able to pump the tires on the camper trailer etc.  The Air hose included with Max-air Compressor is just long enough to reach the rear tyres.

Step 6 Reconnect the battery if you disconnected it in Step 1.  If the electric windows do not work after reconnecting the battery then you need to turn the engine on then fully lower the drivers side window and then raise it.  Then follow the same procedure for all other windows.  They must be operated locally.  After 1 complete cycle then the controls should work from the drivers seat.