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Edmund Morries

      Name Edmund Morries
      City Adelaide
      State SA
      Country Australia
      Vehicle 120 Series (Prado) 
      Vehicle Age 2003
      Vehicle Details GXL Manual TD Toyota towbar
      Accessories ECB Bullbar Warn XD900 winch with plasma rope Lightforce 240 lights Pirannah dual battery Waeco 110l fridge GME TX4400 UHF radio Airtec snorkel ARB compressor Roof radio console
      Personal Hiking Photography Go where caravans cannot

Edmund's well set up 120 Series Prado contrasts the vivid wild flowers around Arakaba Station in South Australia.

Water near Arakaba Station. Not quite snorkel depth but having one is great peace of mind. You never know if that hole just in front of you is deep...or really deep.

Over the rocky tracks that abound in the area around Angorichina in the Flinders.

Fishing in the Coorong.

Goog's Track in South Australia, North of Ceduna. When it rains, it's fun and spectacular.

Overnight camp on Goog's Track

Out on Goog's Lake. Thrill seekers indeed, as the lake bed can turn into car swallowing quicksand with no visible difference on the surface.

Overnight stop on Goog's Track. Edmund's well set up Prado certainly looks the goods.

Relaxing by the campfire on Goog's Track. Pity it wasn't too cold for shorts....

The Prado is in its element on sandy tracks such as this on Goog's.

A sand flag is a vital piece of equipment on Australia's sandy tracks. It gives plenty of warning to oncoming traffic as you crest a sand dune and can avoid potentially fatal situations - Don't leave home without one - choice of material optional.


Even Prados can make a big splash. Edmund doesn't muck around on this stretch of standing water on his way home from Goog's Track.

The obligatory shot of Edmund's Prado on a rock - to show off some wheel articulation. Good one Edmund.....

Over rough ground at Mt Samuels.

Prado swallowing ruts on the Vic/SA Border Track.


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