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Protector Plate & Recovery Points

Aside from the water entering the engine via the inner fender with the Toyota factory bull bar, the lower radiator and air conditioner condenser are very exposed to damage when a factory Toyota bar is fitted.

One of the list members has made a protector plate which mounts to the Toyota bull bar and under the existing engine protection plate to protect the radiator and other dangly bits from sticks, stones, road kill, and any other item which has the potential to stop your vehicle through loss of coolant.

The protector plate fits all 120 series with factory Sovereign bullbar and comes with all bolts, captive nuts, washers required, and you just need to drill 2 holes in the very bottom of the bull bar to mount the protector plate using the plate as your template to mark the holes in the correct location, the plate is pressed to form to the angles of the chassis rail and the bull bar and will only go on one way, and is easy to install. [they are also available powder coated, at extra cost]

Rated front recovery points are also visible, which are also available, and require unbolting the bottom of the radiator and moving it to drill one set of holes in the chassis, and use one of the existing factory bull bar bolt holes as well as new bolts for the freshly drilled hole above it.

These hooks are a rated recovery point, [and should be used as a pair] and fit 120 series with factory Sovereign bullbar, or with standard plastic bumper, and come with all mounting hardware.

Darren has kindly made these available to LCOOL members. If you would like to purchase and/or arrange fitting, email Darren.

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