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GPS Data - Satellite Navigation Diagnostic Mode - Australian Specification Vehicles

The Satellite Navigation System found in the Prado Grande and available as an option on other models, is a sophisticated system that uses a number of different sensors to determine the vehicle position. One of those sensors is a GPS (Global Positioning System) and its output is Latitude and Longitude. This is valuable information when travelling in remote areas where the standard maps included with the Satellite Navigation system are lacking. The Latitude and Longitude can be used to determine the vehicle position on a paper map.

To display the Latitude and Longitude, the Satellite Navigation System needs to be switched into Diagnostic Mode. To enter Diagnostic Mode, follow these steps:

  1. Turn ignition key to the ON position
  2. Hold down the Satellite Navigation System [INFO] button
  3. Switch the park lights on and off 3 times

The Satellite Navigation System will now be in Diagnostic Mode and the following screen displayed.

Press the menu icon (above) to enter the main diagnostic menu shown below

Navigation Data

From the main Diagnostic Menu, press the Navigation Check menu icon

Navigation Check menu - Press GPS Information

The Latitude and Longitude is displayed in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Other information includes the status of visible satellites, the quality of the GPS fix (2D or 3D) along with the date and time (GMT, not local - expressed in US date format).

Press NAVI Menu icon to return to Navigation Check Menu

Press Vehicle Sensors menu icon

Vehicle Signal Check menu shows the number of speedometer pulses accumulated since entering diagnostic mode, the current vehicle speed, the Gyroscope's output voltage and the relative directional bearing. It also tells you whether you are in reverse or not.

A bit of fun -

From the main Diagnosis Menu, press the Display Check menu icon

From the Display Check Menu, press the Panel Switch Check menu icon

From this menu, you can check the operation of both Push and Rotaly switches. A Rotaly switch is one that turns.....rotaly....

Exit Diagnostics

To exit diagnostic mode and return back to normal operation, the following steps need to be performed:

  1. Ignition key is in the ON position
  2. Hold down the Satellite Navigation System [DISPLAY] button
  3. Switch the park lights on and off (once only)


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