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Fittment of 16x8 Roh Trak II rims

We are regularly asked what size tyres and rims we are running on our KZJ120 (2003 Toyota Prado TD GX). The answer is 285/75/16 Tyres on 16x8 Roh Trak II rims.

Pic showing the result of grinding the top of the Brake Caliper on a kzj120 2003 Toyota Prado Being released with 17 rims, the front brakes on a standard Prado will not fit a 16 Rim. This unfortunately leaves a selected range of aftermarket rims and tyre combinations. The also adds to the cost of the tyres, with the 17 variety being uncommon you tend to pay a premium.

We decided to investigate whether it was possible to fit a 16 rim, looking at where the Calliper hits the rim. It was soon discovered after trying to fit a Toyota Prado 16x7 GXL rim, Toyota 80 Series 16x8 and an ROH Trak II 16x8 that there were 2 lumps of casting on the callipers that slightly hit the rim.

Investigating these casting lumps we found they were just excess steel used in the casting process, not providing any structural or mechanical effect on the brake callipers function. We decided that these could be safely removed to allow the 16 rims to be fitted with no adverse effect on the vehicle. A short 5 minute session on the Angle grinder quickly removed 2-3 mm of the steel from both the top and bottom of the calliper. Fitting the 16x8 Roh Trak II, we found there was now 2-3 mm of clearance and the rim fit well. After some 10,000kms we have found no adverse effect from this modification. We have since been advised that Toyota Dealerships also conduct a similar modification to allow for aftermarket Alloy wheels to be fitted to New Vehicles.

Pic showing the result of grinding the bottom of the Brake Caliper on a kzj120 2003 Toyota Prado Please Note: All tips, recommendations, and technical details are added as a guide only. Professional advice for your specific vehicle, accessories, and equipment should be sought to ensure compliance with any standard or body, which may have jurisdiction, and all relevant safety issues and common sense are applied.

Steve -

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