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Disable ABS and Manual Centre Diff Lock

This is applicable only for Toyota Landcruisers 80 Series with ABS and Viscous coupled centre Differential.

This idea originally started out as a fix to lock the Centre Diff in High range but also solved the problem for those that wanted to turn off the ABS while in High range, particularly on corrugations where ABS is not at it's best. Another added advantage I discovered is that you can also operate the factory fitted Diff Locks in High Range.

As all 80 Series have the one wiring loom it's a relatively simple procedure and all that you require to purchase is the standard Toyota "Centre Diff Lock" switch (part number 84725-60040 on the new dashboard and 84725-60010 on the old).

Once you have the switch you will need to remove the lower portion of the dashboard. To do this remove the ashtray and locate and remove the screw in the upper centre of the metal plate, and either side of the ashtray (The one's screwed into plastic, not the upper two in the metal plate) the other screw to remove is located under and to the right (Left on LHD models) of the row of 3 switches along the bottom of the dash.

To remove the dash lower the steering column, place one hand at the ashtray opening and the other on the upright between the stereo and heater controls and pull gently. This should give you enough access to get in behind the dash to find the plug required. The wiring that you are looking for should come from the top of the dash and be part of the loom linked to the switches already installed in the top section of the dash. It's generally been found behind the radio/stereo or the heater controls and has a terminating block (wrapped in foam, with one green/silver wire attached to the terminating block).

Now that you have found it (don't blame me ... it is there) place it through the switch hole in the dash you intend to use, connect it to the switch you purchased earlier and install the switch in the dash. All you need to do now is to reinstall the dash and the job is finished.

To activate the Centre Diff simply press the switch, the ABS and centre Diff lights should light up on the dash. To disable ABS you will need to drive in a straight line for at least 200 meters at a speed over 70 kph with the Diff lock on, then turn off the centre diff lock and the ABS light will remain on. Presto ... no more ABS. To reactivate ABS you will need to stop, turn the ignition off and restart the truck.