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Centre Diff Lock

To Stop Centre Diff Lock being engaged automatically when low range is selected

Toyota deemed that the centre diff would be locked automatically when low range was selected in it's constant 4X4 80 Series. There are many situations when this is in fact not desirable. One situation that comes to mind is when low range needs to be engaged on a hard surface for example getting a heavy towed load moving on a hill or backing a boat up a driveway. In these situations if the centre diff is locked transmission line wind up can occur resulting in considerable strain on running components.

A plug located on the rear of the transfer, in about the 1 o'clock position looking towards the front of the vehicle needs to be unplugged. It unplugs in the horizontal plane and has a yellow and blue/black wire attached. Once unplugged just wrap the ends in some insulation tape to stop dirt getting into the exposed connections.

Locking the centre diff is now controlled manually, in both high and low range, by the switch on the dash; a far more flexible and sensible situation.

If you have ABS brakes, you'll need a centre diff lock switch.