Clutch Problems

> Sounds like there's a cricket in the bell housing, noise disapperars

This is a pain in the ass. You may be able to get to the contact points of the thrust bearing from the inspection plate at the front of the bellhousing (mine has a molded thing shoved in there which is going to make life difficult). You can ssparingly squirt white grease or some other water proof gunk to shut it up. It's only temporary though.

Since you say the noise goes away with clutch application, then the thrust bearing is fine. I had 7 (yes seven) replaced under warranty in 3 1/2 years because of the chirping.

> smoothly. Clutch grabs aggresively and lurches vehicle forwards. I

This will probably go away soon. It seems to happen after going through muddy water. If it's still there after 500 or so km, then you may need to delve deeper.