Leaking Clutch Master Cylinder on 1HZ vehicles

Over the past couple of weeks the crusier has been drinking a little bit of clutch fluid, initial visual examination showed no fluid running down the firewall inside the cabin or in the engine bay, around the master cyl.

A check of the slave showed the same thing, then I got my fingers dirty and touched the black circular going into a square base attachment on the bottom of master cylinder and sure enough it was wet, also the master cylinder is located directly above the chasis rail making it harder to see the spillage, I then tightened the 4 bolts at the bottom of this black piece but I'm still losing fluid.

1. What is the purpose of this black attachment?

2. Will replacing this gasket likely fix the leak?

3. Or is something more complicated involved?

Common problem. The "black thing" is a accumulator, its where extra clutch fluid goes when you press the pedal down and the slave has too much forced down there. Inside is a rubber cup and a spring along with a very thin paper gasket which seals the fluid in.

Newer versions have a round one, late models none at all.

The gasket is not available as a part, you have to buy it all.

I made up a new gasket out of proper gasket paper and fixed the leak. I have done about 50,000 km since and its still OK. Cost NIL.



Toyota must know of this problem as they have a part which replaces the whole of the accumulator. Part number is 31490-12010. It is basically nothing more than a large bolt with a hole. It fixes the problem but is priced at a ridiculous $98.15. Wait till you see it and you'll wonder what the hell they are charging for.


Garry Joice