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Exterior Mirror Problems

These mirrors are a poor design in so much as they are weak at the "ears" that the assembly hangs off. The first tell tale is when a modest amount of vibration is noticed. At this time you may get away with simply tightening the securing screw (accessed through hole in bottom of housing-phillips head).

I have had to replace 2 mirrors due to hail damage. The backing frame was undamaged and Toy wanted an incredible $$ for the glass, frame and attached motors (not sold separately).

A glazier friend of mine replaced the glass in both for $40. The glass is not a common sort due to its thickness, so I did have to wait 5 days though, but save $$$.

Roger Bettoni


I have had the same problem on my machine regrding shaking and vibrating side mirrors.

As I am able to plastic weld I welded a new plastic lug onto the inside of the mirror. This has now been in place for 30k. Epoxy gluing the offending lug back on would generaly be a short term measure, as the plastic is one that has low "glue ability". The problem with plastic welding is correctly identifying the plastic and then having the correct rod, and heat setting for welding. As can be expected of any plastic when vibration occurs the plastic will fatique.

David Tooes


Easy fix that has worked for me

1) Remove screw at bottom of mirror

2) Let mirror assembly drop forwards and dangle on the motor wires

3) Apply a big glob of black RTV silicone to each corner of the mount

4) Squish the mirror back in place

5) Replace screw