C Pillar Cracks

> OK George I bite - how does one detect the infamous cracked C pillars.

Open the rear passenger doors and have a look at the sharp fold on the C pillar just below the window line. If yours are cracking, you'll see a faint paint crack along the fold line or even a dark rust line if it's been there a while. It really is a sharp fold in the metal and obviously work hardens and streches the steel when it's formed. Stylists sometimes have no engineering sense sometimes....

The C pillar of course is the 3rd pillar from the front :-)

We see them cracking on '89 through to '94 models. It's rare on later models. Perhaps Toyota have used a different grade steel on that panel. If you do find cracks there, then you may as well check the welds on the upper rear roof line. In fact, open the tailgate doors and check all around the rear body opening for cracks.

Any cracks need to be seen to asap. They rust and just keep growing.