Roof Racks

> Speaking of clearance, has anybody out there installed an ARB roof rack? How
> high are this roof racks and how much load capacity can it handles.


I can measure it when it's light outside, but my guesstimate is about 6"
taller. Forget about getting it in anywhere.....(the car ya dag)

As far as weight goes, the limiting factor is the weight the roof can
handle and how much vehicle stability you're willing to forsake. Toyota
spec says 150Kg but I've seen figures of up to 300kg from Toyota. I don't
go anywhere near that weight for a couple of reasons.

1. The C pillars crack at the sharp fold at the window line (where the
trim ends).

2. The handling sucks with just the weight of the roof rack, let alone
any weight on it.

3. The vehicle becomes almost as unstable as a Troopy.
The ARB roof rack is one of the best on the market. The features to look
for are full length gutter rails, 4 posts per side (for a full length rack),
steel construction (if you plan vibration prone desert running). I have
an optional steel mesh floor (wich in hidsight was a mistake because it
nearly doubled the weight of the rack) and a CB arial mount which I use
for a sand flag for beach and Australian desert running.

We come across a bunch of broken alloy or overloaded steel racks especially
on Simpson desert or Canning Stock Route trips. People load them up with
a bunch of fuel cans, spare wheels, LP gas cylinders and end up stuffing up
their trip when the going gets rough.

I just carry our sleeping gear in a waterproof canvas rack bag and tent on
the roof. It also makes a great photography platform.


Neat tip from Christopher Nicholls:

Got an ARB steel roof rack and can't fit into your garage/parking centres? You bet. Get the top bar removed, cut each upright in half (about 2" left) and re-weld the top bar back onto the rack. It still works fine but it is much lower and may give you those extra inches you need to fit.