Wheel Alignment

The only wheel alignment adjustment on an 80 or 105 Series is front toe-in. Caster, camber etc and the complete rear axle are all fixed (on a stock vehicle). Toe-in can be easily adjusted without the need for wheel alignment equipment.

1) Put vehicle on flat surface with steering wheel in the position it adopts when driving straight and move the vehicle forward a few yards.

2) Pick a couple of blocks on the tread (near the centre, but not critical) on the back of the tyre about the same height above the ground as the axle.

3) Mark the blocks with the chalk and take a measurement across the vehicle between the two blocks (you are measuring behind the axle). You may not be able to take measurements at exactly axle height, because things (dangly bits) may be in the way. An inch or two up or down will still give an accurate reading.

4) roll the vehicle about half a tyre revolution (forward) and re-measure between the blocks (you are now measuring in front of the axle).

5) If the first measurement is smaller, you have toe-out. If it is larger, you have toe-in. The factory measurement (difference between 1st value and 2nd value) is about 2mm toe-in (unless you're running a bias tyre. Then it's 4mm toe-in)

6) Well.....you know.

7) Adjust tie rod accordingly (loosen the tie rod clamp bolts and nuts at both ends and turn the tie rod) and re-measure. A little extra toe-in will help a little on a vehicle that has gone to negative caster with a lift, but will add a little tyre wear. It's all a compromise. ;-/