Stiff Transfer Case Lever

Some of you may remember I had a stiff shift from Low to High range a while back.

The suggestion at the time was to spray some WD40 into it. After spraying some in and working it it seemed to be better.

After my trip to the cape it was getting stiffer and stiffer untill it finaly seized (in high range luckly).

I finally got round to looking at it.

For someone to just look at it was going to cost $390.

The cost of a replacement, a 2nd hand refurbished box & transfer case was around $3000 - $3500.

So of course I took a look at it myself. First thing was to pull back the carpet, remove the passanger seat, so that I could get the carpet back far enough to pull over the shift levers.

I was amazed ! For the low/high range shift lever, there are two rubber seals. The first seals around the shift lever a few inches above the base.

The second is a twin seal which seals the base of the shift lever at the pivot and over the rim of the hub where the pivot sits.

The evaporated remains of a can of WD40 were found between the two seals - none of it had got to the moving parts, arg !

My problem was that the 2nd seal (the one under floor pan) had either "poped" off or had never been placed over the shift hub rim. This had caused a gradual builtup of silt and small rocks in the shift hub. It also caused the shift pivot to seize in the socket from corosion.

I removed the hub and disconected the linkages back to the transfer case, put the hub in a vice, sprayed it with WD40 and beat the living s*&^% out of it back and forth to lossen it up for about an hour (soft faced hammer). I then was able to pull the shift pivot out of the hub, clean up the corosion, polish the socket up with find emery paper. When reassembling it, I gave it a good dose of Moly grease.

It now shifts better than a new one !!!

So easy, so smooth, so silky, so much money saved,so happy, !!! :-)

In addition I found about $20 in change under the carpet, at the rear of the centre console as a bonus :-))


James Y.