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Members Rig - Travis Holgate - 1996 80 Series 1HZ

Cruiser on the lot at Lenlord Motors, Richmond

Driver Details:

Travis a 25 year old Chartered Accountant and lives in the Hills District in Sydney with his parents who have no interest in camping or 4WDing !!  He does most 4WDing with friends from Scouts and the odd hanger-on here and there. He says more chances to meet up for drives with LCOOLers would be great. He aspires to have a truck like issue #72 4WD monthly subject, Paul Brennan, who is also a Chartered Accountant. Awesome truck Paul.

Travis saw the light, and moved to Toyota for the purchase of his 2nd (current) 4WD. His first 4WD was a 1981 SWB MQ Nissan/Datsun POO-trol, 3.3 Diesel. While this provided a (supposedly) cheap means of getting into 4WDing (Travis was still on his P-plates at the time), the POO-trol only lasted 7 months due to too many repairs, culminating in a blown bottom end which was replaced and the truck sold. After approx. 30,000kms in only 7 months, it was a good introduction to 4WD and diesel motor repair costs!

Although mostly a weekend and day-trip fun-mobile, the Cruiser has also taken Travis to the awesome Victorian High Country in December 2003 (note for trip pics – my truck is the only one with roof racks (unloaded)), and various other well known 4WD spots including Yalwal, Yerranderie (Mittagong to Oberon), Cabbage Tree Road, Watagan’s, Newnes and other spots in the Blue Mountains and the odd sand drive at Stockton and Kernel (which is now crap). Menai also used to be a favourite until recently. On-road (sealed/unsealed) touring has included countless weekend camping locations, but also more significant journeys such as north-west NSW (Tamworth-Mt Kaputar-Narrabri-Pilliga scrub-Coonabarabran-Mudgee) June 2004 long-weekend and recently seven days in Victoria over new years 04/05 for the Falls Festival.

In the two and a bit years since purchasing the Cruiser in Dec 02, 40,000-odd k's have been clocked up on the odometer, not bad considering it doesn’t really get driven during the week.

Travis's favourite accessory would be his roof console – many hours were spent on the construction and fine-tuning of this brilliant piece of work by Travis’s best mate, Cameron (some may remember him from Vic High Country 03/04). Then add a couple of nights us both trying to fit it, a joint effort. Its roughly 30cm (12 inches) wide and is fitted lengthways in the middle of the ceiling, extending from the windscreen to just behind the front headrests. It neatly and securely holds both the GME TX4200 and 10CD stacker, keeping them both high and dry, it also incorporates the original overhead pod and centre dome light. The timber finish (matching the gear knobs!) looks great and changing CDs or using the UHF has been made very easy.

Due to either too much courage, or ‘encouragement’ by his mates (“Bet you can’t!”), the Cruiser has had a bit of a rough trot on the repairs side. Everything from seized free-wheeling hubs, blown axle seals, broken CVs, severed air-con pressure line, seized alternator, failed brake calliper piston, worn pinion and crown wheel (and the rest…) has plagued the Cruiser over the last two years. Also various bits and pieces were replaced shortly after purchase also as going off-road for the first time in a few months took its toll on rear suspension bushes, shocks, sway bar mounts and numerous other parts – all wear and tear as basically all parts were original when I bought it – even the spare had never been used. Although during periods of solely driving around town or on-road touring, Toyota reliability kicks in and nothing goes wrong! (Maybe its my off-road driving ability!!?) Thankfully a cheap warranty insurance policy was purchased from the dealer with the car and it has coughed up just over $3,000 towards these repairs! As a result of this the accountant has had to get his hands dirty on the odd occasion and the recent purchase of some better tools (read: any tools) hopefully will assist in keeping ‘Bet you can’t!’ costs down.

There is no mods/accessories wish-list for this Cruiser, that will be left to the next owner to contemplate. Travis has plans to travel the world in the next few years and upon his return hopes to find a fine example of a 1HD-FT 80 Series (or maybe 100 Series by that time) to turn into the ultimate toy and tourer.

Vehicle Details:


80 Series, DX (cloth trim, tacho, overhead pod model)


50mm taller springs

285/75/16 BFG MTs

16x7 steel sunraysias


Roof Console
Custom-built Tassie Oak overhead console incorporating original sub-tank gauge/altimeter pod and centre dome light

Gear Knobs
Custom-built Tassie Oak with Jarrah H-pattern inlay

Extended Diff Breathers

AVM free-wheel hubs

Interior trim
Vinyl floor replaced with felt carpet by previous owner (carpet dodgy – soon to be removed)

Fibreglass flares, dents

Toyota steel winch bar

Hayman Reece 2.5t

2 x Nightvision 100W halogen spots

GME TX4200, Archer 6dB antenna

Custom-built free-standing shelf system with table

Roof Racks

Tape deck head + 10CD stacker (mounted in custom console) and 6x9s in boxes floating around the back somewhere
Recovery Equipment

Snatch strap Just Straps 9m, 8,000kg + 2 x 3.2t shackles

1,150kg hi-lift (Supercheap DP3 – about to take back in recall!)

Too many to list!
All due to pushing it TOO FAR!!

On a rock face, Watagans. 3rd attempt. Believe it or not I was actually stuck, doesn't look it but check the new tyre wear on the driver's front. I'd had enough of spinning the wheels and the truck was leaning further to the right with every attempt. Stopped for photo time before recovery

High country new years 03/04. Awesome, DEEP, Wongungarra river crossing plus Davies plain(??). Dazza might remember the tone over the radio halfway through this crossing.

Half sunk in a large boghole at Yalwal. Result: wet carpet, exploded CV cage, snapped swivel hub bolts (x2), stuffed pinion seal and dented pride as a turbo 3L Surf made it through just before me

Sunday morning at Yalwal, nice and muddy...

Washout to test the articulation, Newnes State Forest