3rd Row Window leaks

>I have a leak in my drivers side (LHD) rear split window. Is this common?
>The reason I know is because my tool kit is wet and the jack collects
>water in the plastic bracket where it sits.

>How do I fix it?

ed: Other symptoms may include wet rear seat belts, wet carpets and water accumulating in the lower sill cavity (if the drain holes are blocked you'll hear a sloshing sound as you accelerate or brake.

From Chris Nichols:

Andrew - I had the same. The problem is not the window but the rubber seal underneath the window surround where there is a chrome strip with thin rubber flanges where it hugs the ledge of the rim. This is fastened by grommets to the body and it is through these that the water leaks. I had them repaired under warranty by Toyota. If you carefully remove them you can see what is happening - allowing water to leak into the inner cavity where you keep your jack and tool kit. Mine was on the other side - my rear seatbelt would get wet every time it rained or when I washed the car.

From Willem-Jan Markerink:

Yes, it is common, at least three people on the list (including you) have suffered from it. We have the receiver unit of our twin-system Blaupunkt located on the right side, and drowned it more than once after a car wash. Luckely drying solved what might have been a multi thousand dollar disaster (the previous owner surprised us with the ultimate top of the line Blaupunkt Berlin twin receiver/split system).

The problem is caused by how the window strips on the outside are attached to the body, they go through the body and protrude on the bottom. The solution is easy; grab a tube of RTV(sp?) and dab each hole with a generous amount of that sealing stuff. You might want a mirror

kind of search instrument, because applying stuff that is affected by gravity upside down is major confusing. Not that a mirror is less confusing, but it doesn't cause a sour neck and/or RTV in your face....8-))