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A forum for 90 Series Prado owners to exchange technical information.

This represents the combined *opinion* of the group and should be used as a guide only, as to what is known/possible with 90 Series Prado, as adjustments, technical tips, and accessories. It is in no way definitive, nor authoritative, nor even all encompassing - it is the experience of the users of this online group - to date -and it is constantly being added to.

"The management of this Web-site disclaims liability in any area of the law of any country for any claims made by any person for compensation or other redress for damage or loss (including consequential damage or loss) arising out of the use information or material made available at this site or through links at this site to other internet sites."


  • Hand Brake (Emergency Brake) Adjustment
  • Engine/Drivetrain


  • Shock Absorbers for Dummies
  • Tyres
  • Simple Bead Breaker Using the Stock Toyota Jack
  • Rear Propeller (Drive) Shaft Fouling on raised Prado
  • Notes on Fitting Polyair Spring Assisters
  • Accessories

  • Bicycle Carrier
  • Fitting a Genuine Safari Snorkel
  • ARB Bull Bar Air Scoop Modification
  • CB Radios - Where to fit them
  • In-Dash Installation of UHF and Radio/CD player
  • Dash Mount LCD Screen
  • Fitting Lightforce 240 driving lights to the ARB Bull Bar
  • Rear Step & wheel carrier from knfabrications
  • Fold Down Rear Table
  • Water Storage Solution
  • Sun Shade
  • Body/Electrical


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