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Power Window Mod

This describes how to modify your power windows so that they can operate without the keys in the ignition.

Required Tools
  • Philips Screwdriver
  • 10mm socket & driver (suits both lower dash panel & integration rely)
  • Side-cutters (for cutting the wire sheath)
  • 2x Male Tab crimp 6.4mm connectors (Dick Smith P/N H-3228 pkt of 10 $2.24)
  • 1x short length DC wire cable (Dick Smith P/N W-2025 rated @ 50V/17A $1.25/m) split & use one wire
  • Crimp tool (pliers &/or soldering iron)

First step is to remove the lower dash panel on the drivers side.
  • Remove the screws holding the petrol cap release and the bonnet release.
  • Push the handles back and maneuver then out of the panel.
  • Remove the screw (on the left side) and the bolt (on the right side), and gently remove the lower panel.
  • Undo the connectors for the sub fuel tank gauge and the dash illumination control.

You have to remove a portion of the vent duct to the drivers side to fully access the Integration Relay
  • On the left side of the drivers foot well firmly pull down on the duct.
  • On the right side, slide your hand up until you feel the duct joint. Pull firmly down on the lower half. Remove the duct.

Integration Relay- with Vent duct still in place

You must unbolt the Integration Relay to access the Power Window relay.

  • Remove the lower and upper bolt on the Integration Relay
  • Move the Integration relay towards yourself to disengage the retaining clip on the right hand side.
  • Disconnect the upper leftmost connector on the rear of the unit to allow access to the window relay.  NB. The interior light will extinguish.

Rear of Integration Relay

By placing a link in the rear of the Integration Relay, the windows (and  Power Seats  and Sunroof where fitted) will work anytime.

  • Remove the Window Relay and keep in a safe place for future use.
  • Insert a link utilizing RED crimps and 10Amp cable into the upper connectors on the rear of the Integration Relay. These are the ones that seem horizontal when the relay is in its normal position.


Integration Relay with link inserted

Reassembly of Integration Relay and lower dash panel is the reverse order of removing.


Al Breeze


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