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Reversing Lower Air Scoop on the ARB Bull Bar

The ARB Bull bar for the 90 Series Prado includes a lower air scoop to channel air into the radiator. The air scoop is a pressed metal channel that is mounted to the front of the factory bash guard.

ARB have done a great job with this air scoop, however when travelling in rough terrain, the air scoop can at times be a problem. Mud, sticks, snow, small birds and other foreign material is effectively scooped up and aimed squarely at the radiator.

In order to prevent the air scoop from scooping up foreign material, it can be turned upside down. Simply unbolt, turn it upside down and cut out the two ends around the chassis rails - and refit. Give the cut edges a coat of paint to prevent rust forming.

To date there have been no heat issues regarding engine cooling however if the engine is working under sustained high loads, particularly when towing, it may pay to keep an eye on the temp gauge. Or turn the air scoop back to the original position.

Air scoop installed upside down to protect against foreign material being scooped up onto the radiator.


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