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Simple Bead Breaker

There is no doubt that most of the tyre bead breakers available today are effective, safe and simple to use. However when space, weight or cost issues preclude the purchase of a professional bead breaker, there is a simple alternative.

Phil Gaukroger whipped one up in very little time and it seems to work well. Moreover, Phil's bead breaker should be kind on alloy wheels. Here are Phil's instructions:

Wanted to invent a simple way of breaking the bead on any 4wd tyres using the standard Jack and towbar.

All I've used is a 20cm piece of 50x50mm galv RHS steel (warning - don't be tempted to use 50x50mm galv fence post because it is very square and won't fit into the square towbar hole.  Need the proper RHS with the rolled edges as in the photos).

  • Drilled the holes in one end to accept the pin.

  • Drilled a round 38mm hole at the other end to accept the jack

  • Installed a 5/16inch bolt as a locating pin. This locating pin stabilises the jack as it passes through the hole in the top of the Toyota jack.

Tried it out with an empty vehicle and it works a treat.  Would take
about half an hour to make.

Bead breaker in position with the stock lifting jack


With a bit of winding, the bead pops off the rim.



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