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Fitting Lightforce 240 Lights
to the ARB Bull Bar

The Lightforce 240 light is not only an excellent driving light, but it is also very cost effective.

However, because of the large size, it is a difficult light to fit inside a bullbar. These lights are over 240mm in diameter....

When fitted to the 90 Series Prado, they look enormous!

A note of warning though when fitting any item in front of the radiator is that the air flow will be altered. When working the engine under sustained high load, particularly at high speed or towing, a watchful eye should be kept on the temperature gauge at all times.

The following describes the trick to mounting these lights properly (so they fit ;-) to the ARB bull bar.

A pad of plastic 10mm thick (minimum) is used to space the light up to clear the bottom of the lens. The material used was cut from a $3 chopping board. Holes were drilled in them to fit the lights. Ensure that the bolt is tight in the hole, not sloppy.


Looking side-on, the light barely protrudes past the front of the bull bar. This assists in keeping the lights as safe as possible.


They certainly fill the front of the car.



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