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Registration of New Master Key

With increasing security on modern vehicles, the Prado has not escaped the touch of the electronic key fairy. Security information is stored within the master key and matched to the security computer. If the master key is lost or rendered inoperative, the process of replacing the key/computer is tedious and expensive.

As a safety precaution, one should create a copy of the master key and save it away for safe keeping. The following describes the procedure.

  • Within 15 seconds, perform the following 3 steps:
  1. All doors closed. Key not in cylinder
  2. Insert already registered master key in the key cylinder
  3. Turn ignition switch from the LOCK to ON position 5 times
  • Within 20 seconds, Open and Close the driver's door 6 times
  • Within 10 seconds, remove the master key from the key cylinder.
  • Within 10 seconds, insert the key to be registered into the key cylinder
  • Keep the ignition switch at the ON position for 60 seconds or more
  • Remove key
  • Open and Close the driver's door once
  • End of procedure



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