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Shaun Green

      Name Shaun Green
      Organization N/A
      City Bundaberg 
      State QLD
      Country Australia
      Vehicle 90 Series (Prado) 
      Vehicle Age 2002
      Vehicle Details Prado GLX 3.4 Petrol Auto
      Accessories ARB Air Locker, Compressor, ARB Full length Roofrack,Custom Made King Springs (100mm Lift), Rancho 9000 shocks, Incar Shock Adjustment, Custom made SS Struts, Custom Made front Upper control Arms, Modified rear trailing arms including 360 degree rotations, modified control arm mounts, Custom Poly Airs, modified panard rod, Dual Batteries, rear storage unit, GME UHF, Glind Shower, ERPS electronic rust Protection, ARB winch Bar, IPF Spotlights, CSA mags, Colour Coded bodywork, Axe and Shovel holder, and dark tinted windows
      Personal Fishing, touring and working hard to pay for the truck

Shaun dropping into a dry creek bed during a trip up the Cape


Who said Prados can't articulate? This one certainly can!


A 285/75x16 tyre stuffed right up into the Prado's rear wheel well.


A worm's eye view of the Prado's rear suspension at full extension with a clear view of the modified rear trailing arms.


This time it's the front end at full compression


Detail view of Shaun's custom front struts.


Note the factory lower bush is retained.


Detail view of Shaun's custom stainless steel upper control arms.


Shaun's old pride and joy



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