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Simpson Sun Shade

I made this up out of 2.200 Lin mrt of 100mm PVC sewer quality pipe. I put a 40mm slot in it stopping 30 mm from each end. This was done with a industrial grinder with a metal cut off wheel, then the edges taken of with a steel file. It has a screw cap on one end and a plane cap on the other. The screw cap is glued but the plane cap is pushed on and fixed with 4 of ss self tappers so that it can come off as required.

Both caps are drilled 12mm diam centrally.

With both caps in place measure a length of  ½ inch galvanised water pipe to suit internally, then cut it 5mm shorter,(This allows for welds and a little play).Then cut two lengths of 12 mm steel rod 100 mm long and weld into each end of the pipe, as centrally as possible. Let the steel rods protrude aprox 40 mm. Stainless steel rod is preferred.

As a wind up point later, you can tack weld a 20mm nut on one end on which a socket can be put .Then a battery drill will wind for you or you can shape the shaft end to fit a caravan leg lifting (winding brace) and wind by hand.)Or maybe a 12 volt ratchet gun.

Ok. So we have our centre pipe made up; now we get some cheap Polly tarp and make the finished size 150mm smaller than the length of the internal size of the 100 mm pipe with the caps on. This can then be fixed centrally to the ½ inch galvanised water pipe by any method you like, I doubled the tarp about 15mm and used pop rivets and washers.

Any way, make sure to leave 75 mm of pipe free at each end. (That’s why the tarp was prepared 150mm shorter than the pipe).

It is important to fix the tarp to the pipe as squarely as possible so that it winds up squarely.

The tarp Roll out length is governed by the amount that can easily be rolled up into the pipe. I made mine 2.8 meters long and put 3 brass eyes along the bottom. These tarps are easy to sew by hand and if you have to alter one side its no problem.

After you fix the tarp to the pipe, roll it up on the ground as tight as possible and slide the lot into the 100mm pipe and assemble caps. It is ready to fit to your rack.

The pipe fits to the pack rack with two simple pipe clamps (home made out of 5 mm flat ss in a vice) and a piece of flat hooked over the top of the top rail and drilled and bolted through the top rail.

It’s not as difficult as it seems and this can be made to any dimension that suits you.

The whole pipe is easily removed and stowed if not required and does not add height to the vechicle.

Materials list:

  • One length of 100mm sewer pvc pipe 2.2 mtr long……..plumbers hardware
  • 1 100 diam PVC screw cap plumbers hardware
  • 1 100 plain PVC cap plumbers hardware
  • 4 ss self tap screws plumbers hardware
  • One length 1/2inch gall pipe……..plumber’s hardware
  • Two lengths 1/2inch diam ss round rod or mild steel
  • One 20mm nut (or any size that suits your drill or your tyre change socket)
  • 2mtrs 20 mm by 5mm thick flat ss bar or mild steel for brackets
  • 4 of 5mm x 40mm long bolt and nuts to fix to rack
  • 20 alum pop rivets 10mm long with washers  (Bunnings)
  • 3mtr x 2,4 mtr tarp from (Super cheap    $12-00 in Melb)
A local plumber is the best source for the 100 PVC as we often have off cuts, or Bunnings who may do off cuts. If two mates live close by just get a full length and share it. -  The same goes for the ½ inch gall.

Email me if I can help !!  

Paul Klat