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The LCOOL National New Year High Country Adventure


Day 1 - 25th December 2003

Tom Groggin Station as viewed from the camping area.

Dogman's Hut. This was the meeting place just across the Murray river.

Day 2  - 26th December 2003

Early morning mist greeted the adventure seeking LCOOL trekkers at Tom Groggin Station. At least it kept the flies at bay for a while. 

Day 3  - 27th December 2003

On the track to Davies Plain

Rest stop at Davies Plain Hut

Davies Plain Hut

Kicking back under Darren's palatial vehicle awning. Any more relaxed and Warwick would be in a coma.

Limestone Creek camp.

Day 4  - 28th December 2003

Scott and Terry on the Coberras Trail

Warwick and Steve taking a break from the arduous task of travelling in a Land Rover.

Mark Gordon sporting a plastic condom over his jerry can makes some steam. That's Darren's well set up Prado in the background.

Day 5  - 29th December 2003

An unlikely couple. Warwick under his veil wolfing down Steve's colourful cooking. These two were to deliver a great deal of merriment to the group over the next few days. Steve by the way has a "hers" monogrammed towel.



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