Big Desert Awards,Nov 2004  






Sarina, sally and Madeline,

For special smiles and great traveling children

all a special star well done




Tim and James

The boys who are always found at the top.

i.e. the tree the sand dune for surfing the lookout tower at pine planes



Taylor and Kimberley

teenage girls who survived for 5 days without proper bathrooms



Dan and Alison

It was a new car three weeks ago

good luck in cleaning it up (wet ones pack)



Kay and Max

Putting us all to shame with the smells of Sunday roast pork

(This is what camping food is dry soup mix)



25 cents award

For the intelligent banter on the radio.




Dave and John.

Lunch time entrainment

Stuck on the sand dune







Go girl,

The first tyre we are all proud of you


Harry and Beryl.

the short straw and dust

For being our tail end charley we appreciate it and you did such a great job.


Craig and Kris

For telling everyone where to go and finding all the bumps and sand dunes


A special mention to the new pardo manufactures

for the sideways button. ( it must only be in the prados because no one else managed to go sideways as often)