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LCOOL ACT - Broken Cart Trail - Australia Day, 26 Jan 05

The appointed meeting place was the usual Uriarra Homestead, at 9am sharp - we had a big day ahead, and didn't want to lose too much time.

We left at 9:05 - lucky, because Neil got there at 9:04 - fashionably (and consistently) late ;-)

There were 11 cars at this point, and they consisted of:

  • Pete and Vanessa - 80 series
  • Johnno - Land Rover
  • Al and Julz (down from Sydney for the day) - 90 series
  • Schooner and Deb - 100 series
  • Chris and Helen - 100 series
  • Juergen and Karen - 100 series
  • Neil and Adele - 80 series
  • KP - 80 series
  • Ivan and Leanne - 90 series
  • Steve and Sandy - 90 series
  • Bryan and Chris - 100 series
We took off past Picadilly Circus, and Brindabella down  to Micalong Crossing where we met Richard and Steph. (2001 GXL TDi Auto Standard everything Prado 90)   Time for a quick brew as we aired down for the trip ahead.

Some of the track was overgrown with blackberries, and was quite narrow - no one came home without at least a couple of pin stripes.

Morning tea was spent clearing a track which had a large tree fallen on it.   We had come across this during the recce, and it just needed some muscle ;-)).   Good deed for the day done..

The next part of the track was pretty rutted and careful placement was required for most parts.   There had been some rain, so unless your tyres were well clear of the ruts, there was a fair chance you'd slip in.   Added to that, the blackberries on either side, made for a tight track with limited options.

At one point Juergen got his diffs caught up on high ground and a wheel (front and back) in the air - not much traction at this point, so some time was spent on extracting him.   No damage so that was a good thing.

The next section of track was relatively steep, and also rutted - there was no clear way up, as far as you couldn't just stay left, or just stay right - you had to start right, and cross the ruts to the left half way up.   Even though Ivan had done this section a couple of weeks before during the recce, he still managed to balance his (alloy) sidestep on top of a high part of the rut wall - lets just say the step is very much bent ;-))

This was the best bit of track for the day, and we all had fun getting from bottom to top - more than adequately covered in the photo section below.

We got to Dubbo Flat, and had lunch - a lovely spot amongst the trees - Johnno got his remote control 4wd out and got some fancy manouvres happening - the rest of us had an Australia Day beer, chat and bite to eat.

No sign of brumbies yet - we saw half a dozen on the recce - maybe next time..

Time had got away from us, especially with a recovery, slow progress up the rutted track, and a couple of 'longer than planned' breaks.    In respect for those who had to get back to Sydney, Pete modified the afternoon's run, and we headed back to Flea Creek.   The kids were pretty hot and bothered by now, and a perfect time for a swim.   Just for a change, another beer, coffee, biscuit and chat - has everyone seen our biscuits which Sandy has been making???

Al and Julz had got away just before the descent into Flea Creek, and Bryan and Johnno made their exit shortly after we got back up the top.   As we climbed out of  Flea Creek, Schooner had a slight mishap - in his own words:

A note on the Tree incident on Gentle Annie. Juergen went round this right hander behind on of the Playdo's and I was right up his clacker idling in low 3rd, I followed his line and as he passed this tree it's root ball let go and the tree (about 8" at the base) crashed onto the left corner of my bonnet. It smashed the bonnet protector, cracked the headlight protector and left substantial dents and scratches in my Bonnet. as well as scaring the shit out of Debbie when this 20' + tree ended up all over our field of vision and bits came in her open window. (See photo below)

Ivan and Pete had plans to go to the Edinburgh Tattoo, but with Steve, Schooner and Richard keen on another track - and it was on the way home... well, "one more won't hurt" ;-)

Steve took us into an area of forest not far from Rangie Hill - which was now closed to our dismay...   but located a nice steep one for us to ascend - Schooner did it in typical Schooner (100 series with police chip) style, and the rest of us followed.

Ivan and Pete made their exit at this point, while the rest of them did Vanities Crossing on the way home.

Another great trip - thanks Pete for driving the front car, and Sandy for being Official Photographer (well substantiated by the many other photo's sent in since)

Great to see some new faces, and especially to Al and Julz who made the big effort to come down from Sydney - we hope to see you again.

Bring on the Clyde!!!

We met Richard and Steph from Junee at our second meeting point - Micalong Creek Crossing

Schooner at work clearing a track blockage

Morning Tea - The rest of the guys brew up

Pete - you been followin' Schooner mate ;-)

Broken Cart - there's some fair dinkum ruts up here

Juergen high and dry - both diffs on solid ground and a wheel front and back in the air - a recipe for - "a Recovery!!"

Heave ho fellas

Juergen tackling the ruts - Neil lends a hand down back

Neil feels his way up the best bit - no one side was good - had to start right, and finish left.

Ivan on the ruttiest bit - this is the last time you'll see that sidestep straight - time for some McRae sliders!

KP straddling as he pushes on through - this section was around a blind corner - one minute is nice flat track - next minute, Whoooa ;-))

Al and Julz lose a bit of traction - but they got through ;-)

Richard and Steph

The view as we enter Dubbo Flat - our lunch spot is to the right front.

Looking back over Dubbo Flat as the rest of the convoy sidles up

Our lunch spot - Dubbo Flat below, made a lovely outlook

This crew wasn't with us..   They were intent on digging holes and going swimming....

Neil and Pete (foreground), Ivan and Steve (background) - lunch, and many a good chat - "Shed Nite - KP, did someone say Shed Nite?????"

Schooner and Deb spinning a line to Johnno

Flies??  - No flies on me mate!!!

This tree wasn't down during the recce a couple of weeks before - no option but to go around it.

    The afternoon's return included a dusty section of track - where's that Donaldson!

Our detour on the way home was to a favorite - Flea Creek.
The obligatory vehicle line up, afternoon tea, and...

the kids all swam in the creek - Photo:  Creek without kids!

The rocks down stream

Another of our favorites - Rangie Hill - since the fires there has been some pine tree removal, and other earthworks.   Rangie Hill used to be good fun - especially in a bit of wet - Here, Pete, Steve and Schooner are working out how to get over the earth works

Richard cruises through Vanities Crossing on the way home


We don't normally get any damage, but this trip saw a couple of incidents:

Neil had a flat - rumour has it that he used a Prado jack to change the wheel - this is yet to be confirmed by Neil ;-)

Schooner had a runin with a tree falling on his bonnet - see text above - note:  one broken bonnet protector, two scratches and big frickin dint in the bonnet!!

Ivan did his sidestep in - now in the market for some McRae sliders!

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