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LCOOL ACT - City to Surf - 18-19 Feb 06

Blackfellows Point

Camp is nicely set up

Time to sort the rods - Rutman speaks to his Master about his chances of a big catch

The Rutmanmobile

Lookout - that's Sgt at Arms "Jo" - and it looks like she means business

Might be best if the boys get some fishing done

The start of the smorgasbord - nibblies are always good!

Jo is jotting down her fines - she should have used a dunny roll, - it would have been long enough for all her fines - maybe ;-)

Lookout - she's into it

Pete's mandatory fine for driving a Surf and not a LandCruiser

Ivan's in the shit again

This bad girl's even pinging her husband!!

The girls have a swim

While the boys try their rods again - what's that Rutman fella up to??

Rutman showing Adam how to do the business

Craig and Jo having a dip