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The Cascades

This is a photo of the Cascades taken by Milan - click to get a larger one

LCOOL at the Cascades - click to get a larger one

Tim was first and showed us the way

Grant reckons he's doing OK!

OK - someone had to get messy - now the kids are doing rolls, flips and twists!

Matt G looking determined

Matthew - don't bite down on that tongue mate ;-)

Even Ben, 6, was getting into it

Craig, Tim and Jo doing the family thing

Adam perfecting the rollover

Some LCOOL onlookers

Matt G doing it casual

Tim getting into it

The LCOOL Slide!! - how many can we do at once?

From left, Ben, Steph, Matthew, Rutman, Ivan, Adam and Matt G

The aftermath - you'd reckon the water would be cold - Not so...

The rope exit - the rocks under the water are Very slippery - one at a time ;-)

Rutman takes on the lads

The Sanders Shopping Trolley - Ben, Matthew, Adam and Ivan

Craig showing how its done

Matt G doing the backward entry