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LCOOL ACT - City to Surf - 18-19 Feb 06

General Trip Photo's

The boys outside the pub - Friday night

Adam hooks into a late arriving burger - "You want to share??? - NOOOO!"

Lined up in Captain's Flat

Ready and a raring...

Ivan, keen to get moving

Nearly out of suburbia

That's a whole lot better!

Rutman showing Ben how

Badja Fire Trail

Did everyone know that Craig is now 40??

No open fires at Blackies - Peter came to the rescue with a couple of half 44's

Wadbilliga - kids see the water and don't even ask... They're there!

Rutman has a shot of Ivan's car - ("wish I'd seen this photo before he got in it!!")

Grant with a noise from down under - "That'll be a dollar"

Steve's nicely decked out Prado

Ivan's MTR copped a sidewall hole down a rocky slope

Airing up at Dry Creek Camping Area

Bloody hell guys - she's at it AGAIN!!!  

(Well done Jo  ;-)