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LCOOL ACT - Clyde Mountain Trip - Jan 05

Steve and Sandy put the word out, “We're heading up the Clyde for a camp out, any takers?” The rest of us couldn’t make the overnighter but Ivan and I did make the trip on Sat 8th January for a drive.

Ivan and I had agreed to meet at McDonalds, Queanbeyan for the drive to meet S&S at the intersection of Kings Highway and Western Distributor Road. We first heard Steve crackling over the CB as we started to make out way down the Clyde Mtn. After a chat and refreshments we were off.

The roads stared out pretty tame but the scenery was great. Steve screeched to a stop in a puff of dust and told us to reverse. He pointed the 90 Series at a tiny gap between a couple of bushes and away he went, I followed and Ivan played tail end Charlie. The track was tight and very overgrown, scratches galore and the talk was about how best to get them back out.

We crossed a small stream and up a steep ride. My 80 lost traction on a large tree root, having made it over the rise on the second attempt it was time to let some air out of the donuts. The very steep and rutted track wound and twisted its way through the great Aussie bush until we crested a rise that put us smack on top of a knoll with trig point Mogood 394 atop. This was to be our lunch spot. breathe taking views of the surrounding ranges including Pigeon House and The Castle peaks. We spent some time talking about the drinking water system Ivan has set up in the back of his 90 Series. Very efficient and if you want to know about it you’ll have to come on a trip with us to see it.

We continued on our trek, over some very chunky water bars, where Ivan bent the side steps. We finally emerged near Shallow Crossing, about a 150m raised water crossing across the Clyde River. There were a few kids playing in the river next to the camp ground. Steve dropped Sandy off on that side and we all drove across. After turning around to go back across a Kodak moment was in the making. Being mindful of the kids at the other end of the crossing all of us pulled up about half way across, still, the pics looked good.

We had decided to check out another trail further up the Clyde Mtn so headed back to the highway and up to the next track. We turned left off the Kings Highway and down Misty Mountain Rd with the promise of more water crossings. And water crossings there were, about 15 at a guess. But it was the trail trying to get back out onto the highway that proved to be the fun bit. Most of the water crossings were on this track as well as several trees across the trail which we negotiated or cleared. Unfortunately a locked gate prevented us from reaching the highway, but we didn’t care, there was a very exciting down hill run to be negotiated. Steep, rutted and loose, it was a blast! If only we had more time we’d have had a good go at trying to get back up again. Alas time was against us as the sun was on a rapid downward spiral. We turned the cruisers onto Quart Pot Road, Gollarribee North Road and finally Bolaro Mountain Road which took us back to Nelligen.

We inflated our tyres again said our goodbyes to Steve, Sandy and their kids and headed back over the Clyde Mtn for an uneventful drive home save for the plans on how to turn this trip into an LCOOL outing for the wider community – keep an ear out, it’ll be coming in March or April!

Oh, and those scratches – we’ve decided to have a Beer, Barbie and Buffing party at Steve and Sandy’s – Steve used to be a car detailer (sorry mate, secret’s out), and has a buffer ;-))

Pete on what turned out to be a slippery root

Ivan getting on up - you'd better let some air out of those tyres fella ;-)   (as usual, this is a whole lot steeper than what the photo shows)

Steve, stretching out

and again

Our lunch stop - what a view (Mogo lookout)

The Castle in the background

The kids in one of those 'Do we have to Mum' photo's

That'll be Pete with the triple beam - shame we had to pull up half way!

The kids off exploring

Maybe if we throw enough rocks in, we can dam the creek!

Adam "Dad, can we take Oscar home"
Ivan "You can play with him until we leave, but then you let him go"
Adam "Ohhhh - Ok...."
Ivan gets home, going through the carwash - guess who's sitting on the floor mat on the passenger side..   'Addaaaaaaamm'  ;-))

Nice creek crossing on the way home - home?? not going home yet!!

Ivan crossing another creek - some nice creeks out this way!!

Ivan over a log - Adam checking that Dad does it properly..

Now who hasn't met Pete yet??  ;-)

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