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Clyde Mountain Trip - 11/12/13 Mar05

LCOOL ACT invited any interested LCOOL members to a weekend on the Clyde Mountain.   Situated between Bateman's Bay and Braidwood, the Clyde is a well known obstacle on the Kings Hwy for holiday makers returning to Canberra - with it's steep hills and windy roads, it slows traffic to a crawl.

But that's on the bitumen - our trip started at Shallow Crossing, and took in the mountain peak of Mt Mogood (lookout), and down through the valleys and streams that surround the area.


Steve and Sandy - 90 series
Ivan and Lea - 90 series
Al and Julz - 90 series
Richard and Steph - 90 series
Steve and Rene - 90 series
Andrew Lukies - 80 series
Brian Mitchell - 80 series
John Phibbs - 80 series
Craig and Jo - 100 series
Pete and Vanessa - SSR-G Surf
Scott and Meredith - 80 series
Milan and Christina - 120 series
Kevin and Sue - 120 series

Friday, Day 1

We arrived in dribs and drabs over most of Friday afternoon/evening.   Steve and Sandy were there first and cranked the fire up.   This was the scene for many beers (and a good bottle of Stones Green Ginger Wine) later that evening.   2am saw the stragglers off to bed.

Saturday, Day 2

Saturday morning started out with a few people nursing a hangover from the night before. 9am was the designated time of departure for the first of our Four Wheel Drive adventures. All managed to make the designated departure time, well almost all. Steve Rutter was really struggling and after consuming a beer he eventually joined the convoy with just 2 seconds to spare. Close call there mate.

We made our way out onto the Kings Highway and started up the mountain. Steve and Sandy were leading the way and after a small navigational error (quickly recovered from), guided the group to the Misty Mountain Road turn off where Pete and his new Surf were waiting. Most took the opportunity to Lower tyre pressures and did the meet and greet thing with Pete & Vanessa. Sandy had forgotten that she and Steve were to lead the Saturday push and left all of their trip notes at home. That was OK, Pete had all the track files on his GPS from our previous trip about these parts and slotted in behind S&S.

Misty Mountain Road meanders down to the start of the Corn Trail, about 24km off the Kings Highway. Instead of stopping and doing the 6hr Corn trail walk we kept on going and forded a lovely little stream. Of course everyone wanted a photo taken of themselves going through the stream and the congestion of 12 vehicles trying to park on a match box on the other side of the creek was getting a little to much, so we pushed on. The chatter on the CB was excellent. Ivan handed over the SGT @ Arms duties to Pete as we were heading down the trail.

Today’s trip was never going to be overly challenging for the vehicles, even the ones with HT tyres. Though there was one up hill section that tested traction and articulation. The country side in these parts is spectacular and some of the views leading to our lunch time destination were breathe taking. We had to cross a number of streams, some more than once. One of the guys spotted and photographed a Water Dragon (lizard) on a branch, you can find the pic below. S&S and I, who were leading the group, were also taking lots of photo’s and as a result ended up at the back of the pack just before lunch. Note to self, navigating from the back of the pack is not a good idea.

The climb up the big hill was a loop track and we did lunch where the loop joined up again. This was an opportunity again to better acquaint ourselves and tell tall tails and yarns about the mornings activities. Ivan was under the bonnet of his car when I caught up with him, he was having trouble with his dual battery controller. Steve, of S&S fame, had a big night with his mates Tooheys and Stones (Green Ginger Wine) and mistook the lunch break for a nap break. Richard and Steph were a little quiet, and it was no wonder, Steph had laryngitis. The kids by this stage had already started car hopping and were getting on very well and could always be found by listening for the laughing and yelling.

We loaded ourselves back into the trucks and pointed them towards camp. We were on a deadline for “Girls Wine Time”, 1600. We rocked into Nelligen without any incidents of note and proceeded straight to the pub. Half of the group were conspicuous by there absence at the bar, where we decided that the pub stop was compulsory and fined all who went straight back to camp.

On return to camp Ivan went and spoke to the guy who owns the camp grounds and he offered his 4WD test track to us. Of course we accepted and the boys followed him to a paddock close by. Having walked the track Ivan volunteered, no, forced his way to the front and went first. His claim is that he took the hardest track and had a very tight, off camber angle to work with. Irrespective he hit a tree with the plastic water pipe that he hangs off the side of the roof rack. The pipe broke and this wilful act of environmental terrorism has left a permanent scar on the tree. The next to give the track a go was Mitch, in his 80 series. It didn’t get far as the front wheel dropped into a huge crater. After a couple of attempts at getting it out a little push from a few mates got the old girl back on four paws. Oddly enough Steve Rutter dropped a front wheel of his 90 series into the same hole and drove it back out without assistance. Don’t fear 80’s owners, worse was to come yet to come.

The second half of the track was a small up hill section at about 45 – 50 degrees. Half way up two logs had been strategically placed with a small channel cut in the hill just below the logs. The first couple of trucks to do this section took it easy but still got a little air under the front wheels, looked great. Pete then lined up the Surf and hit it with a little more speed. The front end of the Surf climbed over the logs and just kept going. Great air and a good couple seconds hang time. Well that was it, the gauntlet had been thrown down and Ivan and Steve were keen to better this. Each had a couple more goes and managed a reasonable height. Having had our fill and with the coldies in the eskies calling we headed back to camp.

The ladies were still engaged in ‘Wine Time’ when we got back but soon dispersed. The sun was setting and everyone started to break out the food and cooked up some tea. 2100 was camp fire time and all had to be in attendance, or otherwise get fined.  Ivan got the show on the road with a quick wrap up of the day. As the SGT @ Arms Pete took the stage and started dishing out the fines for the day. Ivan and Pete (yes, he fined himself) copped a few along with Steve R. In the end we raised over $140 for the Snowy Southcare Rescue Helicopter based in Canberra and servicing the entire Snowy/South Coast region. Not a bad effort considering we only had 12 vehicles and two nights. Friday night really took its toll and we had all gone to bed by 2300.

Sunday, Day 3

Sunday morning started out foggy and with a 0900 start all were up and about early. We all left our camp sites set up as our trek would see us finishing just 100 meters from camp. Today was Pete’s day to lead the trip and we headed out on some very well maintained dirt roads through farmland, forests and woods. The trail twisted and turned and eventually wound its way down into a creek. The brush became a little overgrown and at time the path was a little difficult to see. We had to stop at one stage and remove a small tree from the track. This section of the drive became a little technical with some steep up hill sections with large water bars and ruts, but once we reached the top of the hill we were back out on good forest trails and heading for the Kings Highway again. It was only a 2km run up the highway before we jumped onto another forest trail called the Western Distributor Road. This was a pleasant and scenic track but we were looking for something with some bite. After a smoko break we headed down another overgrown trail into a creek. The climb out of the other side of the creek and up a long, steep, deeply rutted hill proved challenging for some. Tyre placement was important on the lower section as some found out.

I was impressed by one of the Prados that was wearing HT tyres. It had some minor difficulties in places but with good driving skills made it everywhere that those with ATs and MTs went, and some of those had difficulty at times. The tracks meandered through some of the prettiest Aussie bush and brought us to one of many access roads to the Mogo Trig Point and lunch. Last time we were here this trail had just had the water bars remade and were almost vertical on both sides, no way of getting over without getting hung up. This time they had bedded down a little and though still very peaky they were drivable. S&S lead the charge and most went up this way. A couple of hundred meters further up the forest trail was another access road, much wider and without the water bars that the rest of us took. From the summit is some spectacular views 360 degrees around. We had lunch with this view as our backdrop and when we were all ready again. Steve Rutter decided to have a go at a water bar he was directed around last time. As I had positioned myself at the front of the convoy and Steve was on the other side of the hill all I knew was that he had got himself stuck on that water bar. I’m not sure if he eventually got off under his own steam or if he was “helped” off.

The track back to camp started out with a few more water bars and wound its way into a pine plantation where 4WD pin stripes couldn’t be avoided. Across a couple more streams and before we knew it we were back at camp. We’d all decided to head to the other side of Shallow Crossing, leaving our photographer so as she could capture each vehicle making a big splash on the way back. Only problem was we found a large bog hole to play in. The Surf went in first and made it about 2/3 of the way across before getting stuck. After some clever reversing it got out and made a run across with one side of the car up on what was thought to be, firmer bank. Alas the Surf slipped in and forward momentum ceased at about the same spot as last time. Again it managed to reverse out.  At this stage most decided to simply make the run back across Shallow Crossing however some die hards hung around and went to the other side of the bog. Andrew Lukies went first and ended up sideways in the same place the Surf got stuck. This time there was no getting out using the brute power and superior traction of the 80. Andrew was in a world of hurt. He’s stuck in the middle of this bog with only 90 series Prados and a Surf to pull him out. The pic below of him doing the “Oh what a feeling” is just before he came to the realisation he was going to have to be rescued by a Prado.  That makes it Prados 2, 80 series 0, not good for the ego Andrew. You’re lucky Ivan’s using the picture below and not one of mine that shows the strap more clearly and you’re reversing lights on. In the end 3 Prados and an 80 went across the bog.

We all went back to camp, finished packing up, said our goodbyes and headed home. Great weekend had by all and LCOOL_ACT is already working on another weekend adventure for the Queens Birthday Weekend, Bendethera 05!!!


Previous LCOOL trips have raised money for the RFDS (the Simpson Trip raised in excess of $1000).   Being in the area that we are, we saw it appropriate to raise money instead for the Southcare Rescue Helicopter.   The fundraising activity was conducted in the normal manner of the Sergeant at Arms fining individuals for offences during the weekend.   Some of the fines consisted of:

  • Steve and Sandy for not camping on the left of the river as planned (there was already someone else there, but don't let the truth get in the way of a good fine ;-)
  • Al for driving to the toilet (Initiative Points to Sandy and Julz for being passengers with a fall guy ;-)
  • Ivan for losing a chrome guard off his towbar - (un)luckily, Pete was right behind him.
  • Pete for turning up to an LCOOL event in something other than a Landcruiser variant (Surf)
  • Pete for not being at the nominated place at the nominated time (Shallow Crossing by 0730 - instead at Misty Mountain Rd at 0930)
  • Ivan for environmental damage on the test track (scraped some bark off with his poly pipe)
  • Andrew Lukies for getting bogged
  • Andrew Lukies for allowing his bogged 80 to be recovered by a 90.
  • Steve Rutter for botting smokes and saying "Don't tell Rene"
  • Rene for botting smokes and saying "Don't tell Steve"
  • Sandy (twice) for telling ;-)
  • Scott McGill for admitting his drawers weren't secured
  • Andrew Lukies for losing the cap off his water storage tank.
  • Ivan for leaving his soap in the shower
  • Ivan, for stealing the Sgt at Arms evidence ( the soap ) so he couldn't be pinged.
  • Ivan, for evading the truth when the Sgt at Arms accused him of an offence
  • Steve and Scott for being late to the Sgt at Arms 9pm fire
  • Ivan
  • Andrew Lukies for losing his shackle
  • Andrew Lukies for admitting that he lost his shackle
  • Sandy for telling us to turn and then changing her mind, and another for blaming Pete because he was supposed to be there (and leading).
  • Pete for not being there when Sandy took the wrong turn.
  • John Phibbs for leaving a bottle of red wine by the fire, and another dollar because it wasn't empty
  • Ivan for exceeding the roof carrying capacity of his roof - when asked:  What's the roof limit of a Prado, - 75 Kg.    What does your roof rack weigh??  - 20 kg ;-)))   What do you weigh?? - 55 kg ;-)))))))))))))))
  • Leanne for making a ruckus at 1:57 am

Sandy made a dessert in the camp oven on the Saturday night - an absolute cracker, and nearly everyone went back for seconds.   The recipe is here:

Camp Oven Cobbler

1 box white or yellow cake mix
1 stick of butter
2 cups water
2 tins apple pie filling

  • Line camp oven with foil, empty pie filling into camp oven.
  • Empty cake mix on top of pie mix into camp oven and spread evenly. 
  • Add 2 cups water and butter.
  • Cook with hot coals top & bottom. Cook about 1 hour.  Any type of pie filling can be used. 

Again guys, thanks for a great time - great to see some new faces, and we look forward to the next trip!

Your tour guides,

Steve and Sandy, Pete, and Ivan

Where it all started - "Way back when..."

Sandy at her best - making cakes for the tribe - the letters were solid chocky!!

The dawn at Shallow Crossing - when this burnt off, it was beautiful

Yes, this is after a night of beer and Stones - Steve's first trip with us, and the wakeup comment was "geez, I feel like a beer" - not sure what he really meant, but the words were said - not 15 seconds later, he had a beer shoved in his hand ;-)   (and to his credit, none was wasted ;-)

Pete's new Toyota - a Surf no less

One of the valley streams

A lizard in a stream (anyone know what it is)

Ivan pulled up alongside Steve and Rene - Adam:  "It was THIS big"

Steve at morning tea - trying to grab a quick snooze after way too much Stones the night before - where was the Sgt at Arms!!

Well, we weren't just going to drive past the Steam Packet at Nelligen - this photo dedicated to Schooner - Cheers mate ;-)

Yes, and the girls got their Wine Time - a great way for them to talk 'girl stuff'.....

.....and for the boys to talk 'boy stuff'!!   The owner, Jim, has a small test/tech track built by one of the local 4wd clubs - here, we contemplate whether we should finish our beer before asking if we can use it!

Mitch is up first - most of the pot holes, no, Craters!!, were overgrown with lush grass - he just fell into this one, but was pushed out without too much sweat and bother

Mitch showing how we should take the jump - that pine log might look small, but between it and the natural slope, it didn't take much to lift the front feet

Even the standard 100 series got off the ground - onya Craig!

Steve just had to go a bit quicker!

And Ivan - who pressed the idiot button!!

Steve drove into Mitch's hole

Note the flex in the side step - but then he drove out!!

Pete cooking up a storm

The Sgt at Arms at work :   "Who is guilty of ABC?" - Rene is owning up to this one

Pete following Ivan down the whoops

Lined up on the Sunday morning - an impressive sight - 12 cars

Steve taking the short way up the hill to the lookout

Mitch doing it easy (just) at the top

Andrew cruising on up

Lunch at the top of the lookout

What a backdrop - there are 360 degree views from up here

Al and Julz - how does that one-liner go? - "Any more relaxed and they'd be in a coma"

The crew - I count 34....

Richard and Steph trundle through

Andrew Lukies - "Oh what a feeling" - you can see the length of this puddle by the distance to the observers in the distant right of the photo.

Now for those with eyesight problems, that's Andrew in his 80 up front - and Steve in his 90 down back.   Remember Andrew is in a bit of a puddle (see above) - OK - here's the catch - or the snatch!! see that "thin red line" - she's a snatch strap, and yes, you guessed it, Steve snatched Andrew out - and then proceeded to take on the puddle himself - the tooting, singing and fanfare out of Steve's car when he made it could be heard for miles!!

Ivan, not to be outdone (that angle is actually half decent!!)

Steve coming through as only Steve can.

Steve Rutter found a little slope - better not complete it though, because it'll put him straight on the road - and them there motor bikes aren't lookin'!!

John Phibbs - that's a great photo mate - on a higher resolution photo can see the bull bar and number plate quite clearly - and then just a wall of water!!

"But Mummmmmm, I'm a good girl"

Benny boy in one of those natural shots

The man (boy) made swimming pool at Shallow Crossing

A couple of very natural shots - beautiful

And another

The kids were great all weekend - "Yes boys, you can have Macca's"   (cos we're not cooking!!)

A great weekend

Click here for track file