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LCOOL ACT - Brindy Trip for DID - 13 Feb 05

Diesel Information Day was held at Cooma Diesel on 13 Feb 05, and George Couyant (gc) was up from Melbourne for it.   He had his car booked in for maintenance on the Monday, so had a spare day on Sunday - and there the plan started to come together....

GC hadn't been up in the Brindies before, so this was a perfect opportunity for LCOOL_ACT to show him a bit of hospitality and take him out for the day.

The plan for the route was to take in the following points of interest:

  • Flea Creek
  • MacIntyres Hut
  • Mt Coree
  • Steve and Sandy's hill (and another one that they had found)
Even though there was only three days notice, we still had six cars, and they consisted of:
  • Ivan - 90 series
  • Steve (G)- 90 series
  • Steve (R),and Matty - 90 series
  • George Couyant - 80 series
  • Bryan - 100 series
  • Bruce and Linda- GQ Patrol
We kicked off from the usual spot at Uriarra Homestead - gc was staying with Ian, so Ian showed him the way to the start point.   We travelled along Brindabella Rd with all pitching in to give gc a running commentary on the bush fire, local pine production and other points of interest along the way.   Before too long we were nudging down Gentle Annies Trail towards Flea Creek where we stopped for morning tea.

Much discussion was had here before we headed up Webb's Ridge Track towards MacIntyre's Hut.   Ivan and the two Steve's had just turned down Waterfall Fire Trail when gc was heard over the radio "I think I've done a CV joint" - what sort of thanks was that for our offer of hospitality????   Got as far as morning tea and bailing out already???   All of a sudden there was another familiar voice on the radio "Has gc broken his car already??" - It was Ian, and unbelievably was talking from the Barton Hwy - at it's closest point is more than 30 km away, and we were in heavy bush!!

George was busy underneath his car, so we changed the plan slightly and instead of lunch at MacIntyre's, circled his car at the top of Waterfall and had lunch there.   Luckily it wasn't a CV joint, but the studs on the lower king pin and he was able to tighten them up again noting that "it doesn't feel right"

The vehicle was classified a "crawl home only", so gc jumped in with Ivan for the ride down to MacIntyres.

At the bottom, Steve, one of our new guys had a bit of good oil to share - none of us had been aware of the history of MacIntyre's Hut, but Steve had been involved in its rebuild in 2001.   Evidently it was originally built by Bill MacIntyre (of Canberra Raiders fame) in the 60s for some accommodation in his favorite fishing hut.  

It was burnt down at some point and Steve and crew were a part of the rebuild.

MacIntyre was flown in by chopper on his 70th birthday, to visit his 'favorite fishing spot'.

The Kosciusko Huts Association has a web page on MacIntyre's Hut

Back on the track, we whipped up MacIntyre's track to Waterfall, and picked up gc's car - he followed up Dingi Track very gingerly - and this was the worst of it - luckily everything from here on in was 'on the way back' to Canberra.   We pushed on up Two Sticks track, passing the original location of Coree Hut before turning up Pabral Rd and on up to Mt Coree.   Once again, rather than risk further damage, gc migrated to Ivan's car and left his at the bottom.

Up the top was a beautiful day, with hardly a breath of wind.   The Captain Cook Fountain was in full force and the view over Canberra was lovely.

Back down we went and George's car was still there - in he jumped and off we went up Pabral Road and past our old favorite in Rangie Hill - still blocked and a new inhabitant now - see below

At the bottom of Rangie is the new hill termed "Steve and Sandy's Hill" - Steve R's old man said "you're not going to drive up that" ;-))    He chose to travel in Bryan's 100 - maybe looking for a bit more steel around him 'just in case' ;-)

Off out of Blundell's Flat, to Steve's next hill which unfortunately was closed - so back on the track, and we continued back towards Canberra through Vanities Crossing.

We pulled up at the playground at Cotter to air up and say our goodbyes  - well, george old mate - she was a quick day, but we all had a great time showing you 'our backyard'

We look forward to the next trip, especially with visitors to the area.



p.s George made it to Cooma Diesel on Sunday evening after having dropped another stud somewhere between Waterfall and Coree - it could have been worse ;-)

Thanks to Bryan for a most of the photo's here (Sandy who has normally done the photo's was in Townsville) - more of Bryan's photo's of the day can be found here

Whaddya mean "What's wrong with them"?? ;-))

LCOOL member of the future

gc - all the way from Melbourne!

McIntyre's Hut - a classic photo!

Steve was involved in the rebuild of McIntyre's Hut and is explaining a bit about how they sorted it - including chopping up an old wreck which was dumped there and taking it out piece by piece.

It's OK! - Dad only said "Keep your shoes dry" - We've taken them off!!  (now with thick black mud up their legs!!

Steve out for his first run with us

What are these two clowns up to???

The boys cleaning some fallen timber off the track

gc - "On top of the World" - well, Canberra anyway....

A lizard on top of Coree

On the way down, we went past Rangie Hill - now closed, and in use by one of our more furry friends

Lined up in front of "Steve and Sandy's Hill"

Ivan giving it a run

George was good enough to stay at the bottom with a camera to take photo's - and then he took one of the last car as it went up!  - Shit boys, that's one hell of a hill to walk up! And without diff locks ;-))

As we left Blundell's Flat on our way to another 'hill' - pull your ears in George - that's a tight one!!

The boys contemplating access to the new hill - well, with the red tape across the track, and it being bulldozed over.....   Not much room for interpretation!