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LCOOL Flinders Ranges Trip
Day 1 - 27 Sep


Berri  on the Murray River was the first of our arranged meeting spots & roughing it as we do on these trips most had booked a deluxe cabin for the last chance of a comfortable night. The wind across the Hay Plains & from Mildura to Renmark made the going hard, the 1HZ’s struggling to get anywhere nears the speed limit. The quarantine station at Yamba caught a few out with their fruit and veg as usual, the little tricksters not updating their own web site to what isn’t allowed and proceeding to steal Junes washed potatoes. As everyone arrived it didn’t take long for the kids to pick up where they had left off from the last LCOOL trip and with a booking for 26 we adjourned to the Berri Resort Hotel for a great meal, quite possibly the last without ash in it for the next week Cindy said and that............. is the story so far.

Matthew and Hayden acting the goat

Ben and Adam relaxing after a day in the car - after three years, Adam has finally grown into his Simpson Desert LCOOL shirt

Craig Cheetham