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LCOOL Flinders Ranges Trip
Day 2 - 28 Sep

Berri - Argadells

With a convoy of eight, everyone was ready at 8.30, pity though Stan was on South Australia time and it was back into the wind again for the run to Morgan and morning tea down at the ferry. Heading north the wind was now coming from the side certainly not improving the handling, everyone wrestling with their cars to Burra. Stan’s ABS light was coming on causing a bit of worry as last time it was a collapsed bearing & the front wheel about to fall off but with nothing so dramatic we pushed on.

Lunch was at Peterborough and after the group finally regained their trip leader we continued on, someone upsetting a tricky heading towards Orroroo, some choice words said over channel 40 before innocent Tim decided to swap channels and the ask the fella how many horse power the B double had, copping another spray for his troubles. Never did find out how big his engine wasJ. Unperturbed we rolled into Quorn to top up fuel and food, Ivan upsetting the lady by using his Shell card and pretty much ensuring Darren is now going to have to pay to get his fuel cap back which he left on the bowser.

Arriving at Argadells we booked in at the homestead then with a short run out to our camp at “Woody’s Place” we found a couple of the local SA crew there to meet us. The long drive behind us the group settled in for a quiet night around the campfire, stories of parties in Bankcock & three in one bed seemed to stick in my mind above the usual Toyota chat although otherwise it was an early night for most and that............. is the story so far.

Captain Underpants on the front of Craig's 105 - ready for action

Maddy and Kristen in Team Cheetham

Adam, Matthew and Hayden with a DVD on a laptop - what a great way to while away those long highway kilometers!

Some of the heritage buildings at Morgan on the Murray River

Cindy, Cam, Tim, Kym and Mike at Morgan

Vehicles lined up - 1030 departure after smoko - most of us were on time...!

The playground at Peterborough was a welcome sight for the kids, both young and not so young - this was our lunch stop

This is Ray - never met him before, but he's a Bad Bugger!   His home made camper was pretty cool!

The homestead at Argadells - the kids have found a dog to play with while we register for the weekend

Lined up outside the Argadells as we all go and pay our dues

We know we're on the right track now...  Phil G with a sign out for us

The kids are climbing already!

Phil had the fire going so it wasn't long before we had set up camp and having a chat