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LCOOL Flinders Ranges Trip
Day 3 - 29 Sep

Argadells Day Drive

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We woke to what had become a lovely routine - the kids already had the fire turning and burning, so it was straight on with the billy for a brew.

After a slow breakfast we all lined up for our day drive which was off to Mt Arden and surrounds - only to see the kids throwing a ball about 20m into a tree - we soon figured out that this was the second ball - trying to get the first ball which was also stuck in the tree - lo and behold, ball number two was snaffled by the tree monster - then comes a shoe to knock out both balls - yep, the tree monster again - the younger kids were saved by Cameron and Hayden who did the shake thing, and got the two balls and shoe down.

Darren and Julie disappeared back to Quorn to try and find his fuel cap, left at the servo the previous day.

Eleven cars left camp at 0930, under the guidance of Phil G who knew the area well - off to Mt Arden via Cockroach Gully.

My notes tell me that there were numerous wallabies, lots of small herds of goats, and the mutant shapes of the blackboys were twisted and deformed in amazing shapes like I'd never seen before.

We continued up the slope to a lookout where we found a very cool wind - and by the time we had moved higher to Mt Arden, the wind was bloody cold!!.

We were headed for "Oh Shit Track" and Adam (11yo) revelled in being allowed to say "Oh Shit" on the radio as we descended down the track - not terribly difficult, but a little slippery in places.   The bottom produced a lovely vegetated gully, where Harry had trouble getting out of..  It was soon discovered that even though he had locked in his hubs, and L4 selected, he was only driving with the rear axle - Tim had mentioned the lack of traction Harry was getting as he followed him up a previous hill - we had thought it was lack of traction with worn ATs, but the real problem was only found now..

Phil, Craig and Ivan were in front of Harry and had climbed out of the gully and along a ridgeline putting them in a prime position for a photo of the recovery in progress.

It was decided to keep Harry's vehicle in the creekline and drive it up the dry creek to a flat spot where we were having smoko.   Phil and Craig got involved, and jacked up a wheel - putting the transfer case in neutral and back again - unlocking the hubs and engaging them again - the front wheels this time locked in, and it looked like we were good to go.

Lucky that we got it going again, because we collected firewood on the way home, and tied down what seemed to be about four ton on the back of Harry's tray.

Back for lunch we stoked the fires for hot water and toasties before leaving for an afternoon sojourn along the steep and rocky inclines around the Heysen Trail.

On our return, Ivan and Tim went off to Quorn to pick up a couple of chairs, both having broken one on the first night.   When we got back, we saw Daz with his tyre off, repairing a sidewall cut - a few of us went to give a hand, alternating between productive assistance, active criticism and being down right pains in the bum to getting his wheel fixed - all in all a chuckle getting the job done as always.

The kids were busy having a large scale water pistol fight - I don't know where they got their water from - not from my jerries I hope!!

I sat down on my second of four new chairs for the trip, only for it to break - damn - two chairs in two days..

Next Ben came running through the camp hollering loudly - it turns out he was playing on a log, and fallen off.   Dr Phil was in location to give some welcome advice, thinking that we had a greenstick fracture of the wrist.   Craig came to the rescue with an inflatable splint which combined with Panadol, gave Ben a reasonably restful night.   And the story so far..

Off for our morning drive

The view with lovely backdrops and rocky outcrops covered in blackboys were common

A lookout on the way up to Mt Arden

The kids checking out some of the prickly plants

Kristen comes to see what the kids are up to

Joe would have had a great time with all these subjects to take photos of!

One of our cars well below and about to descend "Oh Shit Hill"

Pete and Kym's vehicles

Some of the many mountain goats

Ascending up to Mt Arden

Kym climbs up the last pinch

The last of the vehicles wend their way up the top

The Mt Arden "this is how far to everywhere else thingy"

speccy views

And in the other direction

Steeper than it looks, we descend from the top


And now we look at the next section in anticipation "Oh Shit Track" - I guess they named it when it was wet!

At the bottom was a lovely gully with a nice steep pinch on the other side

Harry's 78 isn't going up this one

The snatch strap is laid out

Phil, Craig and Ivan have got through and pull along the ridgeline for a birdseye view of the recovery

Cindy and Mike have some morning tea while the boys work on Harry's vehicle

A lovely wooded area - would have made a nice camp site - if only for some water

A nice closeup of Steve's front end

Kym pulls up the hill

Tim leans back to make the slope look even bigger

Phil negotiates the rocky section

All sorted now, we load Harry up with some wood

Matthew helps Lea get some more

In camp, Daz is fixing his sidewall - with a lot of "help" from his friends !!

Ivan and Tim top up their camp ovens - Phil keeps an eagle eye

Meredith and Scott having some tucker with Sam and Eloise

8pm around the camp fire - The Story So Far.....