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LCOOL Flinders Ranges Trip
Day 4 - 30 Sep

Argadells Day Drive

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After a restless night watching flashing coloured lights hovering over the campsite and the subsequent unsuccessful search for aliens, most campers awoke to the sound of Ivan and Lea's 100 series departing for Quorn as Ben had broken his arm the night before. 

 After a leisurely breakfast we assembled at 9am for another trip around Argedell Station although the vehicle count had reduced as Harry and Beryl decided not to risk the 78 series after the prior day issue with their front locking hubs.  We were 10 Toyota's plus Darren and Julie in the Pootrol.

 With Phil leading and Darren as tailgate charlie we proceeded up some of the "lesser travelled" tracks on the property.  There was a reason they were lesser travelled ... After losing Darren (the turnoff was not marked) we ended up on a dead end track that did not cope with 11 vehicles ... mass confusion resulted as everyone commenced doing three point turns on top of each other.  Phil of course was not lost, he was just exploring his options.

 We then proceeded up another track to the "saddle" just below Mt Arden for morning tea.  Who was the LCOOLER that knocked off a blackboy?

 Courtney and I conducted an impromptu survey at this point.  Of the 11 vehicles at the saddle, 7 were shod with Goodyear Wrangler MTR's or Silent Armour's, 2 with Coopers 'tires', 1 with Bridgestone and of course 1 with ProComp tyres.  The only puncture to date had been in the ProComp's.

 After morning tea we continued along the HeysenTrail towards the northern end of the property.  Here we met up with Ivan, Lea and Ben with his bright blue cast, already covered with signatures.

 After Phil had taken a few of us down a rear bar destroying creek crossing at the bottom of a valley (I still have the trailer plug cover Phil), Craig decided that there had to be an easier way so the rest of the group took a spectacular detour that avoided that scaping sound.

 After lunch we headed for South Gorge for a walk where the kids decided to climb the gorge walls and poke dead sheep with sticks.

 Some interesting statistics to this point (all provided by Ivan);

  • Ivan had destroyed 3 chairs in 3 days (including 2 new ones),
  • Whilst collecting wood for the fire Ivan tested the density of South Australian hardwood as compared to his head.  He lost. (courtesy of an errant log being removed from the top of Phil's vehicle)

    The camp at Argadells was on a flat running into a gully between two ridgelines - this was one side of the camp site..

And this was the other - a beautiful setting..

Cindy and Mike get some brekky sorted

Phil takes the lead on the morning drive - we had this sign erected just for Stan

Many of the tracks were either through creeklines, along ridge lines, or nice steep tracks between the two

Part of the Heysen Trail

The black boys gave constant amusement with their twisted shapes and arrangements

A very photogenic pair

Robbie and Alisa

Craig is well set up for a morning tea stop

At the bottom of the sharp gully, we look for another way down

Back for lunch, we squeeze into some shade for a feed and a chat

Darren and Julie chill out

Ben shows off his new plaster - shown in blue, but when getting fitted, it looked like pink was the only option for a little while!

One of the many stumpy tail lizards - the slowest moving lizard on earth I reckon, and often seen crossing the road - we were very careful to go around them - the cry "Stumpy in the middle of the track" over the radio being very common

The afternoon offerings were a walk through South Gorge - here we take a breather under some shade


Harry and Beryl's Trayon camper also giving some shade for a chat