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 LCOOL Flinders Ranges Trip
Day 5 - 1 Oct

Argadells - Warraweena

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During the evening of the 30th, we were entertained by the kids who put on a puppet shadow show against the trees and slope of the hill behind them.  Their imagination was outstanding in the absence of ‘electronics’ at home.  There was the usual banter around the fire.  Ivan was soliciting advice on ‘what car next’.  Darren tried to convert him from Toyota to Nissan – I didn’t think Nissan was in the vocab of LCOOL!

We woke early the next morning and soon after breakfast there was a flurry of activity to be ready for an on time departure at 0830.  We farewelled Phil, our guide for the Argedells section and Steve & Courtney.  Some reckoned Hayden had a tear in his eye as Courtney left!  Water was topped up at the homestead and tales of previous LCOOL trips were told.  Craig briefed us on our trip, issued maps and a quiz for the day.  As we headed north we learnt of Scotts strange tradition of dipping his finger in water when he comes across body of water. Morning tea was at Kanyaka Ruins. The homestead dated to 1860 and doubled as a post office, processing 23000 letters in one year.  40000 sheep were shorn at the shearing sheds.

Continuing north, we refuelled at Hawker and headed up the eastern side of Wilpena Pound on the Moralana Scenic Route.  By this stage there was plenty of horse trading going on for answers to the quiz – several misleading clues were to be heard over the radio!  As we pulled over to the side for lunch, Pete threw a hubcap.  After lunch June & Ray tried to catch an emu who ran across the road – fortunately they gave up the chase.

Some Landrover drivers with no friends got a tad upset at us because we hadn’t waved to them. They went to Channel 27 to exchange sob stories about the nasty people in then Cruisers!

Photos were taken at Razorback lookout before we descended into Bunyaroo Gorge.  The views of the gorge were spectacular with many emus and chicks.  Along the way Glen entertained the kids with a quiz and prizes.  Cam (17) got confused – he wants to drive, drink beer and also compete for the kids prizes. Ivan not content with breaking three chairs, took to is radio with a poor transmission quality.

We arrived at Beltana for fuel and icecream. Cindy’s stomach finally settled (was it the windy road or a big night at Argadells?) Mick couldn’t wait and was into a Jim Beam to settle his nerves from a drive with Pete.  Despite instructions to go left, Stan took the other left and wound up going the wrong way and behind the Tail End Charlie.  Darren ‘Sheepdog’ McRae rounded up our lost straggler  and we were in convoy again.

Approaching Waraweena, some were keen to stop to look at ‘inverta trees’ or upside down trees.  Craig was like a horse bolting for home and we left the trees for another day.

Samuel took Meredith for a run and left her behind, while others checked out Trevors shredded Mickey Thompson from his drive in.  The kids went off exploring and unfortunately Maddy managed to gash two fingers sending a few looking for first aid kits.   

And that....... is the story so far...

Tim Sanders

Morning Tea was at Kanyaka Homestead - Ben and Serena showing the way

A large carpark gave us a heap of room to spread out

A map of the place showed an extensive building arrangement

Samuel, Ben and Serena

The old homestead at Kenyaka

Homestead from a distance - the creekbed is very dry

The wire is over the cellar - would have been nice and cool in there - and spacious!

Picture Frames everywhere!

Craig off to check things out

Ivan, Ben, Matthew, Adam and Leanne at Kenyaka

On the other side of the river is the cemetery - a lonely old place..

Further down the track was the old shearing shed - most of it in great condition

Looking longways on the shearing slots

Travelling through Bunyeroo Gorge on the way to Warraweena

Scenery, Scenery, Scenery

The kids clamber up for a good photo position

Adam, Ben, Hayden, Maddy, Lauren and Matthew

Kristen, Lauren and Maddy

Craig "Mountain Goat" Cheetham, clambering up for "THAT" photo - a man of many talents ;-)

Depending on the light, the different rocks showed many different colors

A bit of blacktop getting up to Blinman

Daz, Julie and Scott have a refreshment at Blinman Roadhouse

Icecreams were on order for most of the crew

Wilpena Pound from a distance

Most of the area dates back to 500 to 600 million years ago

A postcard in every direction