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LCOOL Flinders Ranges Trip
Day 8 - 4 Oct

Warraweena - Alpana

Day Eight saw us on the move from Warraweena to Alpana, a leisurely drive we were informed direct from the property on a private track and PAR, via the Nucaleena ruins, all sounded pretty good and a relaxing day to move camp, with the ever trusty Captain Underpants and navigation crew out in front....little did we know what lay ahead on a "short" cross country jaunt......
Well, the journey started out quite pleasantly, a short while in Ray's 100 decided it didnt need or want a spare and promptly spat it out of the wheel carrier, the convoy came to a halt whilst the tyre was retrieved, strapped to the top of the trailer and off we went.
This track led us across any number of dry creeks which presented a challenge for the camper trailer puller's, who managed to weave their way in and out and up and down avoiding that most disturbing noise of a hitch being forcibly buried in a pile of dust and rock.
Dave Sheridan kept us entertained with his magical "auto eject" home made mud flaps, Im sure there's a market out there for 'em Dave.
Glen found a way for his camper trailer to climb a tree, taking a corner a bit tight. Tree and trailer survived with minor bark removed from both
Kym's rear mud flap was keen to leave its 80 series home for parts unknown, unfortunately some one told him before it fell off denying others in the convoy the callous and cruel fun of collecting it on the track and giving it back to him later that night
Along the way an Eagles nest was spotted along with some chicks in residence, Mumma and Poppa were nowhere to be seen, this made a few of us nervous as we were confidnet that Eagle parents would be pretty protective, expecially so as Trevor clambered on the roof of someones vehicle to capture a photo.......what a sight this would have been for an Eagle to find a few metres from their family den
Unfazed and with nobody being escorted away in Eagles talons we pushed on, eventually reaching the abandoned Nucaleena mine site. The old Pub was first seen, some distance from the mine, what were they thinking building a Pub so far away from thirsty miners ?
The Mine ruins provided an opportunity for the kids to explore and the bigger kids to wander around and be amazed at how they built this place so far from civilisation. It never ceases to impress how the tradesman of years gone by built such sound structutres under conditions we cant even imagine. Nucaleena really is a must see to get a real perspective of some of the treasures held in the Flinders
The drive continued and road conditions improved into 2 wheel territory as we passed some remote grazing home steads, a very informative talk and discussion on Microwave communications was held over the UHF, and Im sure we all thanked the team member who delivered this talk in our own way off the radio.
The dust plumes grew longer as the convoy spread out over higher sppeds as we approached Blinman.....the eagle eyed pub crawlers spotted that Blinman was home of a Pub and plans to visit this historic site were quetly contemplated. A country Pub of such historic significance cannot be ignored, of course
And finally, some 8 or 9 hours later, we arrived at Alpana
The station had some really good (and near new) facilities for a shower and what not, a new camping area that will be fabulous in a few years as the trees grow and provide shade...and did I mention that it is only 3 klm from the historically significant and must see attraction of the Blinman Pub ?
The night started to catch up with us and as we settled in, a decision was taken that with so much energy and such very good behaviour that our gaggle of kids should be rewarded with a "cinema in the scrub" experiece. An LCD screen and DVD player provided the venue for the little people to gather about and watch a rugrats movie by starlight, what a great bunch of kids they really are, all a credit to their parents.
8pm approached, dinner had been done, No.6's in large and small amounts consumed and so, the convoy gathered around the campfire to hear some stories and discussion on the journey so far, just another day in paradise and dust
And that my friends, is the story so for

Stan's camp at Warraweena

The kids in their 'cubby' - they spent hours both building and plying down here

The kids down playing with the goats at the homestead

Off we go down the Copper Track

Captain Underpants in Control

Stan with his trailer on a nice angle

Craig cresting a hill

PAR to Patawarta Gap - ruts, bloody ruts ;-)

Kym taking it slow

The convoy moves on!

An old Dodge

Anyone know what this one is??

Stopped for a brew

Kym and Mike lining up to be hung drawn and quartered!

We came against an eagle's nest - there was at least one young in there

Pete drives up on the high ground - Trevor gets on the roof rack for 'that' photo

This is as good as we got - not sure where Mum is..

Just one more creek bed, as we move on to Nuccaleena Mine

Listed in the Top 10 of SA mines to visit

From up top

only a tiny hole to get into here, but Craig got in there!

Who have we got here??

Left front: Lauren, Maddy and Serena
Middle front: Samuel and Ben
Right front: Eloise
Left rear: Matthew
Right side: Hayden

Lauren, Maddy and Serena

Adam doing the double frame look

Samuel and Ben

Lauren, Kristen, Serena and Maddy at the base of the tower

Adam, Maddy and Matthew check out the harder to get to places

From another angle

Happy Hour is looking good again!

Capt Underpants sidekick, Princess Nopants

A bit of cooking action

We gave the kids a movie on the last night for being so good