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LCOOL Flinders Ranges Trip :: 27 Sep 07 - 6 Oct 07


Craig organised a 10 day tour of the 'not so usual' properties in the Flinders Ranges, which was well attended and a great time had by all.

Old friendships were renewed, and new ones made - The Story So Far at the campfire each night was a great feature which provided not only many laughs, but also the basis for the trip report which follows.

Attendees on this trip were:

Craig, Kristen, Maddy, Lauren and Serena 100 Series
Dave and William Sheridan
80 Series
Kym and Cindy Degener, Mike Mansfield
80 Series
Glen and Sharon Jameson
120 Series
Stan, Robbie, and Alisa 120 Series
Peter Ridley 80 Series
Ivan, Lea, Adam, Matt and Ben Sanders 100 Series
Darren and Julie Patrol Ute 
Harry and Beryl Camm 78 Series
Trevor Hill 120 Series
Phil Gaukroger 78 Series
Scott, Meredith, Samuel, Eloise and Jemima McGill 120 Series
Steve and Courtney Miller 100 Series
Tim, Cameron and Hayden Sanders Hilux
Ray Bickerdike & June McEachern 100 Series

Reports for each day are on the pages linked below.
Other links in this report are:

Thanks to Craig for running another great trip - see you all again soon!