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LCOOL Flinders Ranges Trip
Useless but Interesting Statistics

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  • 3704 km (ex Canberra)
  • 10 nights, (one pub, nine campfires)
  • 40 people, (24 adults, 16 kids)
  • 15 cars, (4 x 100s, 4 x 120s, 3 x 80s, 2 x 78s, 1 Hilux and 1 Patrol)
  • 6 camper trailers, all different (Tambo Cooper, Aussie Swag, Kimberley Kamper, Campomatic, Cameron's Canvas , and one home made)
  • Tyres, six Wrangler MTRs, one Coopers, one Procomp, 
  • One flat tyre (Procomp MT)
  • 2,231 photos
  • One huge smorgasbord
  • Two well received Apple Cobblers and Custard
  • Two hospital visits
  • One broken arm (Ben, Day 3)
  • Two damaged fingers (Maddy, Day 5)
  • Two shadeless awnings
  • Three broken chairs (all by Ivan in consecutive days)
  • winners of the inaugural Neville Awards (Hayden, Glen, June, Ivan, June)
  • Two camps with pit toilets and one camp with five star toilet/shower combos (Warraweena pit toilet could have used a 30 meter rope to lower deposits with!)
  • three water crossings (Tim, Trevor and Stan)
  • two recoveries (Harry and Stan)
  • Countless icecreams, beers and nibblies
  • one broken tent (Scott)
  • one mutilated totem tennis set (Stan)
  • one broken rear bumper bar (Scott)
  • one lost hammer (Scott)
  • one lost step (June - later returned ;-)
  • 50 thousand stumpy tails
  • 50 million black boys
  • six abandoned mines?
  • one hell of a good time