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LCOOL Snow Trip - 4/5/6 Aug 06

This years trip will be similar to the last one but with an option for those without all the required gear or who may not want to camp in the snow to return to the Jamieson pub for the Saturday night. This group can drive back up to Mt Skene on Sunday to rejoin the campers for a challenging drive home. The key purpose of the weekend is still to build several Igloos to camp in overnight near the summit of Mt Skene. For those sleeping in tents or igloo’s participants require a certain level of equipment to have a safe and comfortable night camping in the snow. Please check the list & only apply if you are seasoned campers and have the gear or are prepared to buy, borrow or hire it for the weekend.

 It will require about 2 hour’s cold hard work to build an Igloo. There are no guarantees that the conditions will be suitable to build Igloos and if it rains or is abnormally hot, we will still camp in tents above the snow line.

For those returning to the pub there are no compulsory personal requirements other than the usual wet weather gear. Most tracks in the area are slippery, steep and often have deep river crossings so ALL cars will need have the items on the list below.

The plan is………………..

Friday 4.

Meet at the Jamieson Courthouse Hotel in Perkins st Friday evening. Meals are from 6 to 8.30 Pm. (not included)
Bed and cooked breakfast cost: $32.50 single person in Bunk room.
                                               : $47.50 single person in double bed.
                                               : $75.00 double.
Saturday 5.

Breakfast @ 8 for a leisurely checkout) then head up to Mt Skene via a couple of medium standard tracks.

Assemble at the snow line to reduce tyre pressures to around 10 PSI then for those unfamiliar with deep snow driving techniques watch a brief demonstration. Depending on the depth of snow we may have as much as 5 KM to get to the campsite.

After lunch we’ll set up tents and build the igloos. We will cart in some dry wood for a cooking fire. Once everything is set up the rest of the day is free to continue driving or go for a cross country ski. 

#6’s should be minimised on Saturday night. (No getting drunk)     

Sunday 6.

Breakfast @ 8.00 in the Pub to rejoin the summit group by 10am for the drive home. Cost for a 2nd night same as first. (NO main meals included)

Pack up camp then continue over Mt Skene towards Licola.
Depending on river depths we will take a few slippery tracks of medium to hard standard leading towards Woods Point. Should exit the bush mid afternoon.

Car requirements.

•    Sagging standard springs will not give enough under body clearance so a minimum 2” suspension lift is needed.
•    Minimum Mud terrain type tread pattern. ie: MTR, STT.
•    Pack as light as possible to assist floatation.
•    Be prepared to let tyres down around 8 to 12 PSI.
•    Diesels to fill a tank solely with Alpine fuel. (Available Mansfield)
•    Oversized tyres are an advantage. 285/75 work well.
•    A winch may be handy but not compulsory.
•    Sturdy front & rear tow points.
•    Bring your full recovery gear kit.
•    Air compressor.
•    Long handle shovel.
•    Jacking board.
•    Ironically snow chains NOT required.

Personal Requirements (for those camping only)

•    Sleeping bag rated to minus 5 or less. Should be of box wall construction or similar with a hood & draught flaps.
•    Closed cell foam mat. About 10mm thick bushwalking type in addition to any other sponge foam or self inflating mat you may normally sleep on. Mats with a lot of air inside will transfer the cold from the ground.
•    Fully waterproof coat with hood. (not spray jackets)
•    Fully waterproof pants.
•    Thermal underwear.
•    2 pairs of gloves. 1 preferably woollen.
•    1 pair of extra large dish washing gloves or overmits to go over woollen gloves when building igloo.
•    Woollen beanie or balaclava.
•    2 candles.
•    Plastic sheet for floor of Igloo. (not blue tarp)
•    Snow shovel to share. (Concreters shovel is ideal)
•    Goggles & or sun glasses.
•    Sun screen.
•    Waterproof tent with broad snow pegs. Dome or tunnel tents are ideal. Minute tents rely too much on pegs & would collapse under snow.
•    First aid & medical kit.
•    Snow boots. Available for hire at Mansfield.
•    Cooking stove. Gas stoves often struggle to operate in sub zero temperatures where pressure type (Coleman multifuel & MSR shellite) are more suited.(but not compulsory)
•    Woollen or fleece lined pants. Jeans are very cold in the snow. 
•    Couple of changes of clothing.

Much of this gear may appear as overkill but should a blizzard roll in you’ll be glad you have it. On the other hand if we get sunny weather it’s quite easy to get dehydrated & sun burnt.

As snow driving is getting increasingly popular at Mt Skene, the Pub requires early confirmation and payment so I’d like some indication you’re coming by the 22nd of June and need some dollars off you shortly after I get back from the desert on the 5th of July. More details to follow. Please email me should you have any queries.
Look forward to seeing you up there, Cheers Craig……………..