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Annual LCOOL Xmas Trip :: Southend/Beachport
Day 5 - 30 Dec

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Darren leads the way onto one of the many beaches on the way to Robe

John creeps around the corner - the angle increasing with every step forward

The kids at Nora Creina - this was full of water when we came back a couple of days later - Alec, Ben, Robbie, Elsie, Matt, Adam, Chris and Maia

Where did that darn crab go...

Parked in the cove at Nora Creina - lovely shade for the adults, and caves and rock crawls for the kids


Darren giving it a bootful up the tallest of the dunes

Mate - we told you to keep the 'yota ;-)

Ivan giving it a go - for once the phot catches the angle of the slope - the front right tyre is actually on the deck (for the moment ;-)