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Annual LCOOL Xmas Trip :: Southend/Beachport
Day 6 - 31 Dec

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Andrew Hiscock was the trip leader for our day run down through the Cununda National Park to Carpenter Rocks. Departure was set for 10.30 & with much confusion about what time it actually was, (SA or Vic) then after being briefed on convoy radio procedure we eventually left at STAN adjusted time........about an hour later :-)

Four wheel drive was selected less than a kilometre from camp & after a couple of false attempts at getting onto the sand we found a track onto Geltwood beach for the run south. The convoy didn't have too many issues as the sand was reasonably firm in most places, that was until Ted was stopped on an exit causing several to bank up, each reassessing their tyre pressure choice to get going again.

Both on the beach & around the rocks on the back tracks it was all good fun with many excellent views leaving a few confused at times as to which track they should be taking. Initially we thought Dazz's Pootrol had an issue but it was only Kristen ordering him to stop to collect souvenir buoys along the way.

Lunch was had near Channel Rocks before continuing down to Carpenter Rocks for the group photo in front of, or was that behind the Cape Banks Lighthouse.

Mysterious crop circles appeared once again on the beach (probably caused by the unusual wave action in the area) before we aired up for the run back up past the Millicent wind farm to Southend. Thanks to the Whyalla club for letting us tag along for the day.

Craig Cheetham

Lauren and Serena above the camp at Southend

Craig and Ivan near Little Rock

Geltwood Beach

Craig offering to tow Stan at Millicent Buggy Club Dunes

The convoy at Cape Banks Lighthouse

and there's the light house..

Joe's angle on the lineup

Joe - Cununda National Park

layers of sand forming

The kids playing in the dunes - Maddy, Matthew, Chris, Lauren, Ben, Adam and Lauren

Darren not happy with four wheels on the ground, attempts to get one in the air (and succeeds but not in this photo..) - ahhhh "unusual wave action" - got it Craig!