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Annual LCOOL Xmas Trip :: Southend/Beachport
Day 8 - 2 Jan

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Darren was up and gone early this morning - Ivan up wiping the sleep out of his eyes, and Craig still asleep - Ted, Joe and John had helped Darren pack up the Procomp sunshade before rumbling down and out of the campground.

With everyone having long days on the road tomorrow, today we were after a nice slow one.   We decided on a civilised departure (10am) off to Nora Creina which we had enjoyed so much in our short time there a couple of days previously.

Joe had some 'breadcrumbs' on his GPS, so took the lead, and by the time we hit the little cove at Nora Creina, we parked and the tide lapped lazily only a few metres from the cars.

The kids enjoyed the long lunch we had there, and the safe swimming that it offered. 

Time to go, and we headed off to the Buggy Park for a bit more fun.   We hit the big dune again, and for some reason it seemed just that little bit harder today than it was a couple of days previously - we worked out our approaches though, and in the end were getting up and over consistently - though most of us got stuck high and dry at least once, needing a pull.   At one point Stan snatched Ivan, but then Stan got stuck, and Ivan got stuck on a different dune on the way to snatch him - before Craig in his trusty 1HZ (but driven by a demon ;-) came and recovered them both.   But in the words of the wise - if you're not getting stuck, you're probably not trying!

Ivan Sanders

Ivan, Craig and John take it easy at Nora Creina

Leaving Nora Creina for the Buggy Park

Stan finds the top of the dune

Ivan's turn - going nowhere fast

and this time snatched by Stan

A Mortelliti Special - "Steep Scramble"

Getting ready for the photo on the face of the dune

We nose over a dune for a photo

Leanne's interpretation

Joe's version (above and below)