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Annual LCOOL Xmas Trip :: Southend/Beachport
Day 9 - 3 Jan

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Well, today was home time - Ivan and Craig were packed up first (courtesy of three kids each to help out - or was it the three kids each that had us out of bed early ;-),

We went and gave Ted a hand who was doing his tent by himself, and by 0830 we were ready to get on the road - goodbyes to Ted (kept his brew gear out), and  Joe/John who were having a slow brekky - turns out John is a mechanic - I dutifully let him know that he'd be welcome on future trips.

Stan and Ellen were packing up their camper reckoning on being out by lunch.

Another great trip guys - thanks Darren for bolting it together - and thanks to everyone who came for making it a cracker.

Ivan Sanders